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Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

~~ John F. Kennedy

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night
to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

~~ George Orwell

It's Tommy this, an Tommy that,
an 'chuck 'im out, the brute!'
But it's 'Savior of 'is Country,'
When the guns begin to shoot.

~~ Rudyard Kipling



♣ Taconic Valley ♣
Rod and Gun Club
420 Dater Hill Road
Troy New York 12180


Special Thanks to our friends who helped out with Club Business;

Thanks to our friend at Dater Hill Kennel.


A very big thanks to our friends at Kennedy's Garage.

Kennedy's Garage
271 3rd St, Troy, NY
(518) 272-3881

Special thanks to member Bob N. He was kind enough to bring in his equipment to dig the trench from the Club House to the septic tank at no charge. Please keep him in mind if you need any of this type of work!
George's Auto Sales
741 Pawling Avenue
Troy, NY 12180
Office: (518) 286-1857
Cell: (518) 368-1284


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It is not down on any map; true places never are.
~~Herman Melville

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→ Next Meeting Sunday, April 8th, 11am ♣

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April 12, 1861
The American Civil War began as Confederate troops under the command of General Pierre Beauregard opened fire at 4:30 a.m. on Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina.

April 1, 1865
During the fifth year of struggle that was the American Civil War, Confederate troops of General George Pickett were defeated and cut off at Five Forks, Virginia. This sealed the fate of Confederate General Robert E. Lee's armies at Petersburg and Richmond and hastened the end of the war

April 2, 1865
General Robert E. Lee informed Confederate President Jefferson Davis that he must evacuate the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia. Davis and his cabinet then fled by train.

April 3, 1865
The Confederate capital of Richmond surrendered to Union forces after the withdrawal of General Robert E. Lee's troops.

April 9, 1865
At this time Second Corps Comander Maj. Gen. John B. Gordon reported;
"Tell General Lee I have fought my corps to a frazzle,
and I fear I can do nothing unless I am heavily supported by Longstreet's corps."
Upon hearing it Lee finally stated the inevitable:
"Then there is nothing left for me to do but to go and see General Grant,
and I would rather die a thousand deaths."

A cease-fire was enacted and Grant received Lee's request to discuss surrender terms.
Well-dressed in his customary uniform, Lee waited for Grant to arrive. Grant, whose headache had ended when he received Lee's note, arrived at the courthouse in a mud-splattered uniform, a government-issue sack coat with trousers tucked into muddy boots, no sidearms, and with only his tarnished shoulder straps showing his rank. It was the first time the two men had seen each other face-to-face in almost two decades. Suddenly overcome with sadness, Grant found it hard to get to the point of the meeting and instead the two generals briefly discussed their only previous encounter, during the Mexican–American War. Lee brought the attention back to the issue at hand, and Grant offered the same terms he had before.

After over 500,000 American deaths, the Civil War effectively ended as General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant in the village of Appomattox Court House. The surrender occurred in the home of Wilmer McLean. Terms of the surrender, written by General Grant, allowed Confederates to keep their horses and return home. Officers were allowed to keep their swords and side arms.

April 9, 1866
Despite a veto by President Andrew Johnson, the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 was passed by Congress granting blacks the rights and privileges of U.S. citizenship.

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→ Next Meeting: Sunday, April 8th, at 11am! ♣

→ Rules for all ranges are posted below

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→ Contact Us ♣

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→ Next Meeting: Sunday April 8th, at 11am!

The Northeast Firearms Class Scheduled for April 14th and 15th has ben postponed!

→ Items on that agenda:

Spring Clearance: we were cleaning out a closet and discovered a few of the original Taconic Valley Tee Shirts! We're selling off the following for $7.00 a piece! We have only the sizes and quantity listed and they're available for immediate pick up! If interested act now.
Ladies pink/black size medium,quantity 1.
Mens Classic black and orange:
Small: quantity 3.
Medium: quantity 1.
3x: quantity 3.
4x: quantity 2.
Please do not confuse these with the shirts that can be ordered from Wicked Smart.
Found in another Closet:
Taconic Valley Window Stickers: 3.25" circular and self sticking: Price $5.00ea.
Taconic Valley Antique Reproduction 2.25" Circular tin badge: Price $5.00 ea.
Limited quantities on both of the above!
New Members: On Saturday March 31st an introductory and safety meeting was held for our newest members. At the conclusion of this meeting all in attendance were voted in as probationary members. At this time we'd like to welcome them and also ask all of our seasoned members to offer any assistance they might need if encountered on any of our ranges.
We'd also like to thank Director Ken Kaskoun and VP George Fradenburgh for their work towards this end. Ken spent countless hours calling and emailing prospective members in order to get them to this meeting! George did a really great job of consolidating and updating our bylaw and range rules so they could be be placed with other information in an introductory package for the new members!
Thank you both for your efforts!Thanks also go out to Dan from Northeast Firearms for his presentation at this meeting!
Badge Color for New Members: This years color is White!
Temporary Power Line: We touched last month on the 36 year old temporary power line that runs from the Clubhouse to the ladies Auxiliary Building! Fellow member and licensed electrician Sam Bott read of our problem and offered his assistance! He'll donate his time and all material needed to do the job. Alls we have to do is dig a trench from building to building and he'll do the rest! Maybe this next meting we can sign up a few shovelers and set a date for an early dry day and get one project off of our to-do list?
Northeast firearms classes: As mentioned last month those in attendance at the January Meeting voted to allow NEF the use of the Clubhouse and Pistol Range the following dates: to learn more about these classes you can visit or call Dan @518-322-2045
April 14th and 15th(Sat and Sunday ,9am to 5pm) for a USCCA Instructors Workshop.
May 26th Saturday 9am to 5pm: Defensive Pistol 103
June 3rd Sunday 9am to 5pm: Defensive Pistol 104
August 18th Saturday 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm Defensive Pistol 103
August 25th Saturday 9am to 5pm Defensive Pistol 104
Here's a little bit about the first class on 4/14 and 4/15 USCCA Instructors Workshop:
Do you want to become an instructor for the United States Concealed Carry Association?
If you're ready to become a highly trained firearms instructor who is prepared to arm their students with exceptional education then you're ready to become a USCCA Certified Instructor! This is a 2 days course. There are prerequisites you must complete before you attend this class.
Please visit the USCCA website or give Dan a call at 518-322-2045 to find out more about how YOU can become a certified instructor!
Here's a bit about the second class:
May 26, 2018: Defensive Pistol 103 Range Work @ Taconic Valley Rod & Gun Club, 420 Dater Hill Road, Troy, NY Class starts at 9 am and will run for 6-8 hours depending on the size of the class. Cost: $220

→ More information on potential gate was passed on to attendees by Rich Dethomasis which raised more questions. Rich kindly offered to look into those questions and try and provide more info by this upcoming meeting! Also mentioned, or in some cases forgotten to be mentioned, as potential projects for this year were,are or could be: Installation of front gate which would utilize a card swipe system. Also be equipped with cameras to record who was using it!

More discussion on Potential projects for 2018 such as:

→ Rebuilding of 50yd rifle impact berm.
→ Rebuilding of 100yd rifle impact berm.
→ Raising the height of the first 50yds of the side rifle berm.
→ Pistol Range: Impact area needs work.
→ Well house is in need of replacement.
→ 200yd rifle range target frame is in need of replacement.
→ Porch area on tractor shed is close to collapse.
→ Replacement of kitchen sink base cabinet.
→ Securing toilet in bathroom.
→ Permanent year round water use!
→ Temporary power line running from Clubhouse to Tractor Shed is in need of replacement,
(no surprise since 36 years have passed since it was temporarily put up).
→ Plow truck replacement.
→ Purchase of a 4wd tractor with enclosed cab, Cyrus radio, air-conditioning, heat and bucket
that could also be used as a replacement for the plow truck.
→ Building with a concrete floor to house plow truck/tractor or whatever in!

As you can see from the above list there's a lot of worthwhile projects that should be addressed! Some far more expensive then others! Since there's only so much money available the order and priority they're addressed is up to the treasury and the membership! So that said you may want to come on March 11th to voice your opinion!

→ New Members for 2018: As of this writing we're contacting those on our waiting list to meet with them and then schedule an introductory safety class! It's our intention to have all available memberships filled s soon as possible .

→ Northeast firearms classes: As mentioned last month those in attendance at the January Meeting voted to allow NEF the use of the Clubhouse and Pistol Range the following dates: to learn more about these classes you can visit:

Northeast Firearms Training

or call Dan @ 518-322-2045

→ April 14th and 15th(Sat and Sunday ,9am to 5pm) for a USCCA Instructors Workshop.
6th Saturday 9am to 5pm: Defensive Pistol 103
June 3rd Sunday 9am to 5pm: Defensive Pistol 104
August 18th Saturday 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm Defensive Pistol 103
August 25th Saturday 9am to 5pm Defensive Pistol 104
Here's a little bit about the first class on 4/14 and 4/15 USCCA Instructors Workshop: Do you want to become an instructor for the United States Concealed Carry Association? If you're ready to become a highly trained firearms instructor who is prepared to arm their students with exceptional education then yor're ready to become a USCCA Certified Instructor! This is a 2 days course. There are prerequisites you must complete before you attend this class. Please visit the USCCA website or give Dan a call at 518-322-2045 to find out more about how YOU can become a certified instructor!

→ More discussion on gate for Club. Rich Dethomasis will report additional new information!

→ Possible Set up of Committee for new 2018 members admissions!

→ Planning on what we need to do/accomplish for 2018!

From Last Meeting: Approved were dates for NE Firearms Clinics


→ As mentioned above we had an excellent report given at the last meeting regarding a gate! Discussion opened the door for the type of gate and what type of electronic admission to be used! It was said different features probably added to pricing. So Mr Dethomasis offered to look farther into it and report his findings at the February meeting! Here are some of the thoughts and opinions expressed during the January meeting(thanks go to Roberto Martinez for this portion, Sorry I didn't catch all of this to report because my thoughts were sidetracked by the rumor that Tom Selick isn't in the Magnum PI reboot!)

Probably a good move insurance wise in case we were ever challenged on entry procedures

Should be on as flat as area of road as possible because of snow and ice

Should purchase upgrade option of codes for each member (Club can cancel the code at their discretion) Should have motion detection camera to film those entering

Need ability to leave door open for large gathering and parties

Should be upgradable ie fobs, scanable cards

Should be a vertical lift because of snow

Should stay open long enough to let 1 or more vehicles through if you have a guest

→ Northeast Firearms Classes: A majority vote decided to allow NE Firearms the use of our Clubhouse and at times pistol range for 5 occasions during the 2018 year! In exchange for these dates NEF will compensate this club on a dollar rate based upon each student enrolled! They will also conduct our New Members Safety Class in March on a no charge basis! The classes will start in April and a schedule will be posted here in March. A reminder of the dates and times for each particular month will also be mentioned at the start of that month!

→ Taconic Apparel: Thanks to the tenacious efforts of Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane Taconic apparel will once again be available for order four times during the 2018 year! The schedule for ordering of these wonderful and may I add stylish wardrobe enhancers will be as follows:

Here are the dates:

Open: 2/1
Close: 2/15
Approx. Delivery: 3/8

Open: 5/1
Close: 5/15
Approx. Delivery: 6/5

Open: 8/1
Close: 8/15
Approx. Delivery: 9/5

Open: 11/1
Close: 11/15
Approx. Delivery: 12/6

So follow the link below and take a look! There's some very nice items there!

WickedSmart Colletions

Wicked Smart
700 Fifth Ave
Watervliet, NY 12189

New Members for 2018: As of this writing we're still sorting out how many new members will be admitted for the 2018 year! We anticipate contacting all the eligible people before the end of this month! They then will be invited to a Club Safety Meeting in March after which a vote will be taken on their admittance!

→ Dates for NE Firearms Classes for 2018!

→ Christmas Party: Approximately 45 people attended on a snowy day! Thanks go out to Jim Davin,Pat Rinaldi,Mark Caruso,Moe Barbera and Family and all the guests who brought along some delicious side dishes!

→ Dues: If you haven't paid your dues by now you have until January 31st to do so! Unfortunately after 1/1/18 a late fee will be added to them! So please include an extra $25.00 on top of your dues fee! Any payments sent in after 1/1/18 without this fee will be returned to the sender! Please also keep in mind that after 1/1/18 any member who has not paid their dues is not allowed the use of the facilities. Any member who has not paid by 1/31/18 and has not sent in a letter of resignation will be expelled. Expelled members are never again allowed on the grounds nor are they allowed to rejoin at a future time! Letters of resignation can either be written and snail mailed or emailed to this address!

→ Membership Cards for 2018: When your dues are paid you'll be given a new colored card! The 2018 card is a lovely combination of a Floridian Tart Orange backfield with Sheffield Black lettering! Please slide this eye-catching new card into your neck badges and remember that the neck badge must be worn visibly when shooting on any of the ranges! This is not to say you can't wear it elsewhere though. If you're comfortable wearing it at work or while shopping at Walmarts or even the Mall please feel free to do so! When it comes to swimming.....maybe not!

→ Pistol Permit Recertification: Neil Brown has sent along this reminder:

Pistol/Revolver License Recertifications are currently only required for those permits originally issued before January 15, 2013. If your permit was issued before January 15, 2013, the deadline to submit your recertification is January 31, 2018.The appropriate paperwork can be picked up at any NYS Trooper Barracks or can be filed electronically at this link:

→ Pistol License Recertifications

→ With a little help from our friends: A huge thank you goes out to Jim Davin! Jim not only worked the kitchen for our Christmas Party he also donated a lot of the food and most of the prizes for our raffle! Another thank you to Lou Tangredi for his donation of a 20lb frozen turkey! Last but not least another thank you to Mike Wieland! Mike was kind enough to plow the Club out on Christmas Day when our regular plow guy turned up awol! One more before we go! This one for Scott Schmeideshoff! Scott managed to get us a very nice electric range for our kitchen!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Monthly Meeting:
There will be no monthly meeting for December.
The next monthly meeting will be Sunday March 11th @ 11am

From Last meeting:
Voted on and approved a $10.00 fee to be charged after 1/1/18 for the replacement of lost Club badges.

Keyless Entrance pad and gate discussion: Rich Dethomasis to look into the cost and feasibility!

Christmas Party: Sunday December 10th @ 1pm.

The Club will provide soft drinks, pizza and a turkey and ham dinner. As always if anyone feels like bringing something else it will be appreciated! You really should attend this one! Our ham and turkey are being prepared by the world renowned Culinary Expert, Mr Moe, who will be flying in from London to create our dinner! All other preparations are being handled by The Food Channels famous duo of Davin and Caruso. So it really should be a fun and delicious event! One more thing. After last years turkey carving fiasco (you may remember it appeared the treasurer tried to carve the turkey with a Hamilton Beach Blender) we've decided to bring in one of the best fowl cutters in the business. So expect to see George Hillje and his daggers!

Please note the ranges will be closed the day of the Christmas Party!

Party Preperation: We're going to need a few people on Saturday December 9th to help clean up and ready the Clubhouse for the Sunday party! Start time around 11am and we should be done around 1pm!

Dues: All members dues expire on 12/31/17. 2018 dues bills have been mailed! This bill must be paid by 12/31/17. Any payment of dues received after 12/31/17 will be considered late and a $25.00 late fee will be attached. Any payment received after 12/31/17 without the late fee included will be refused and sent back to the sender.Please also be advised that after 1/01/18 nonpaying members will not be allowed the use of the facilities. Those not paying by 1/31/18 will be dropped from the roster and expelled! Those expelled will never be allowed on Club Grounds again under any circumstance nor will they be allowed readmission as a member! Those who decide they no longer wish to be a member must submit a withdrawal letter before 1/31/18! Sorry if all that sounds harsh but those are the rules!

Best way to pay your dues: By mail and by check or money order!

Paying in person: Check or money order preferred. If by cash(not preferred) please have the exact amount. There's no guarantee change will be available!

Guess that's it for now!
May you and yours have a great Christmas Season!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Next Meeting: Sunday January 14th, at 11am

Items on the agenda:

→ Taconic RGC Apparel/ Sale: NRA Life Membership

Looking for Christmas gifts that will keep on giving? Well maybe consider a few of the below!

→ $600 NRA Life Membership is Back!

The Taconic Rod and Gun Club is an Official NRA Recruiting Center. Because of that we've got a great Christmas deal for you or maybe as a gift for someone you know! From now until December 31st 2017 we can hook you up with a NRA Life Membership for just $600.00. That's $900.00 off the regular price! If you're interested contact us here or call:
Doc: 518-469-8584
George: 518-785-0451

Ok! You bought that Life Membership and now you've saved 900 bucks! So what do you do with that saved money? Buy another gun? Nah! You have enough. How about putting away for retirement? Nah! You're never going to get old! So what then? The answer to that is simple! You buy some TVRGC T-shirts, hoodies and maybe even some hats. Click on the below link and check out the next gift ideas that's presented to you by Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane.

→ Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club Apparel

Wicked Smart is a locally owned distributor in Watervliet. After buying twelve of their T shirts, they have allowed us to order more shirts on an individual basis. For the shirts, there are four color choices For the hoodie there are three. For the hat there is one, black. The pocketed T shirts have one logo on the front. The non-pocket T shirts have a logo on the front and the back. The shirts are batch ordered and then the logos are added so our Storefront will show open and delivery dates. If you pick up the shirts in Watervliet there is no shipping charge.
Thanks, Roberto and Jim

Wicked Smart
700 Fifth Ave
Watervliet, NY 12189

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


We hate to nag but some people have seemed to miss the below. So here we go again! Thanks to the majority who have cooperated though!

Please also be aware of the Clubs guest policy which reads as follows: Members and their guest (that means 1 guest) when using any of the Ranges must follow these rules:

1) Member must familiarize their guest with range rules before shooting!

2) Member and their guest can not shoot at the same time!

3) Member and their guest must use the same bench or shooting lane!

4)Members will be allowed to bring guests six times a year!

5) Members with guest must sign in and out on a sheet located in Clubhouse.
Sign in must occur before using the ranges. If you don't have a key you need to get one prior to bringing a guest.

6) Guests must wear a "Guest Badge". Guest badges are located with sign in/out sheets in Clubhouse.

Membership Badges:
These must be worn visibly when using any of the ranges! As per a majority vote those not wearing badges will not be allowed to shoot!
Those observed shooting without a badge will lose their shooting privileges for the day and will face disciplinary action. That could mean expulsion or suspension!

Please remember we're a Paper Target only range. No other type of target is allowed!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ A vote that would require that a $10.00 fee be added to the cost of a replacement badge. This would be added to our Pronouncement Section located in the rear of our bylaws!

Discussion on Christmas Party Preparation.

→ Dues: All members dues expire on 12/31/17. That means you'll be soon getting a bill for your 2018 dues! This bill must be paid by 12/31/17. Any payment of dues received after 12/31/17 will be considered late and a $25.00 late fee will be attached. Any payment received after 12/31/17 without the late fee included will be refused and sent back to the sender.Please also be advised that after 1/01/18 nonpaying members will not be allowed the use of the facilities. Those not paying by 1/31/18 will be dropped from the roster and expelled! Those expelled will never be allowed on Club Grounds again under any circumstance nor will they be allowed readmission as a member! Those who decide they no longer wish to be a member must submit a withdrawal letter before 1/31/18!

→ Best way to pay your dues: By mail and by check or money order!

Paying in person: Check or money order preferred. If by cash(not preferred) please have the exact amount. There's no guarantee change will be available!

→ Range Rules and Etiquette: as we said last month as hunting season approaches more and more members turn up at the range to sight in! Many of these folks are not regular users and may not be familiar with the rules and etiquette of range shooting! That's why its of the utmost importance that our more seasoned members take some initiative and bring order to the firing line. Before you or they shoot kindly point out range rules! Establish with them what the terms hot, cold, clear, commence and do you have your ears on mean! Tell them what you are doing and ask them to tell you the same! Making sure they know these things by communicating with them, Hopefully this will make theirs and yours shooting day safer and more fun!

→ Sighting in a scoped rifle: The Club has several lazer borsesighters available! We recommend you use one of them before firing a newly set up firearm on the range. If you prefer not to do that keep in mind that under no circumstances can you fire at any target other then the 50 or 100yd setups. DO NOT place a target any other place. If you need a target closer then that contact us here and we'll borsesight your firearm!

→ New Range Officers: We're pleased to announce that on October 28th three of our members completed The NRA Range Safety Officers training class! We'd like to thank Roberto Martinez,Jim Leyhane and Mike Favata for taking the time to take this class and for their future efforts to make our Club safer!

→ Show and Tell! Ever wonder what a falling block action looked like? How bout a trapdoor action? Or a rolling block action? Side hammer? Under hammer? Single action only revolver? Automatic revolver? Maybe a revolver that shot triangular bullets? Well many of us aren't familiar with a lot of these. So at the suggestion of George Fradenburg and to help our new Range Officers out we're going to try and get examples of all of the above to show you after the monthly meeting on November 10th. If you have an unusual actioned firearm bring it along. I'm sure many would like to see it!

Guess that's it for now! Sorry for the repeats of range rules etc. Truth be known almost everyone follows them. Unfortunately the few who don't could create a massive does of mayhem if they go unchecked.

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Election of Officers results:

The following people were elected to the following positions:

President: Thomas Batsios

Vice President: George Frodenburg

Secretary: Dan Place

Treasurer: Sticky Fingers McGarry

Director: Pat Rinaldi

Funds Approved for Rifle Range Road and Parking lot Work!

New Officers for 2018/2019: Now if the above list looks like the sos it's because of one simple reason. No one else seems to want to run for office. That needs to change. Lets face it the elected officers aren't getting any younger! So what does a member have to do to become eligible for the next Election in September of 2018? The answer is a very simple one. He or she just needs to attend six meetings between now and June of 2018. Then that person at the July 2018 meeting announces their interest in a certain position. With that they will be put on a verbal ballot and voted for in September. Pretty simple! We'd also like to make attending meetings easier. If that means moving the time and date so more can attend we will. So if you have a suggestion for a better time let us know by dropping an email to us. If we see a majority interest a change will be made!

Hunter Education Class for 9/30/18. Thanks go to Instructor Kevin Busch and his assistant Mark Caruso. On a cold and dreary Saturday those two guys did an outstanding job of making the understanding of Hunting safely interesting. As a matter of fact it was so interesting even a few of the old salts who were hanging around relearned a thing or two. So a big hats off to the to the two guys who do that job strictly for knowing that they've made hunting a safer sport to enjoy for all of us!

Taconic T-shirts. Thanks to the efforts of Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane the Taconic T-shirt will soon be available again. This time though you'll be able to order them online and in a variety of colors. More details of this will be announced by Roberto and Jim at our next meeting!

Rifle range parking area and road! as mentioned above funds were approved for this project and it's been completed! A huge thank you to Ron Showers and Scott Pollero for their help in doing Ron,who runs the equipment did much more then we agreed on. Scott,who owns the quarry the stone came from sent a good more material then we paid for! The end result was the main road from bottom to crest was also done along with some patching all the way to our Clubhouse. All in all it was a great job and a good deal for us!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

From October 8th:

Discussion and vote on the approval of funds for repair of road leading to the Rifle Range!

Auction of revolving gun rack donated by Rich Dethomasis!

100/200 yd .22 cal Bench Rest Shoot: This shoot turned out to be far more challenging then most thought possible! We would like to thank Scott for cooking up the idea and making it happen too! All competitors did extremely well in the two meeting event and the scores from top to bottom were separated by a very small amount! That said here's the top three and their score:

Doc McGarry: 436x 600

Jay Wilkes: 401x600

Mark Caruso: 394x600

So if you're thinking you'd like to try this type of competition out you soon will be able. Along about the third Sunday of September Scott is planning a return to a 50/100 yd benchrest shoot! The competition will be held each Sunday morning at 11am for six weeks! More details in next months email!

With a little help from our friends: Thanks go out to Nick Casey and Chris Swanson. In the past few weeks both of these guys cleaned the Clubhouse so well we thought we should take our shoes off before entering!

That's it for now! Hope to see you on Sunday August 20th at the picnic.

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

From July:

→ Ruger recall: Dan Place announced at the June meeting that the new Ruger Mark 4 was being subjected to a recall regarding the safety. A suggestion was made that all who own one of these new pistols contact Ruger for more information!

Ok! Enough of that lets get some advertising in:

→ 90th Anniversary Picnic, Members Only Raffle and Flea Market! Sunday August 20th!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ From Last Meeting:

Details for implementing New Guest Policy and sign in/out sheet were Ironed out!
Authorization given for the purchase of new Guest Policy Range signs!
Also decided was to proceed with purchase of lawn tractor!
Discussed was rebuilding 50yd berm containers!
Discussed and tabled to June Meeting was the fact that most new members are not honoring their work commitment and what needs to be done about it!

→ Onward:

Dove Hunting In NYS:
Would you like to see dove hunting allowed in NYS? If the answer to that was yes you join the ranks of many of your fellow hunters.So how do you make it happen?
The answer to that is easy thanks to the below sent in by Mark Caruso, Moe Barbera and Ray Rockwell:

Assembly Bill 07778 - Allows dove hunting in New York

ACTION NEEDED to make it happen:
1. Contact as many members of the Assembly as you can and ask them to co-sponsor A07778.
2. Contact as many state senators as possible and ask them to sponsor a "same as" bill to A07778.
3. Contact Assemblyman Steve Englebright, who is the Chairman of the Environmental Conservation Committee. Ask him to process A07778 through the committee.
4. Contact Assembly speaker Carl Heastie; ask him to please allow A07778 to be processed

→ With a little help from our friends:
Thanks go out: to Chris Swanson for doing an amazing an absolutely antiseptically clean clean- up of our Clubhouse! John Livolsi for his wonderful weed whacking on our grounds! Chris Loiselle for his perfectly punctual plywood pickup, Dwight McGee for his wather ( spellchecked ok by the Elmer Fudd wonderful whirlwind blowout of our rifle firing point and last but not least Carlos Correa Jr. for patiently picking up those particularly annoying and pesky pieces of pine branches and limbs on our Archery and Shotgun areas!

One Final Thank You:
This one goes out to Dan from Nassau Hardware! Amongst the many hats Dan wears he's also the holder of an FFL! As such he was a huge help in receiving our Raffle Firearms! As a matter of fact Dan is such a big supporter of the second Amendment he refused any payment for the time consuming effort that took! So the next time you need to go to a real hardware store where they have EVERYTING and KNOW what they're talking about and are also Gun People go visit Dan in the Village of Nassau!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


→ Carry in Carry out: We've said it before and most have listened and cooperated. Now we have to say it again. We have absolutely no way to get rid of the trash that some members are leaving behind. If it came with you,this includes shotgun hulls,brass,targets bottles,cans and cups it must leave with you. If we don't get 100% cooperation on this we'll be forced to contract for a disposal! Estimates for such range from $600 a year for a small container to as much $6000 a year for a small dumpster! We simply can't afford to absorb that. Doing that mean everyone's dues would go up accordingly! Another possibility is to start actively perusing and punishing offenders! Lets hope it doesn't come to that! So please do your best to keep our Club dues affordable and take all your garbage with you!

→ Stinkin' Badges: Club ID badges must be worn where they are visible when using any of the ranges. Remember by majority vote of the Club it was decided that if you don't do this your shooting privileges will be lost for that day!

→ What a nice Guy: A big thank you needs to go out to our Webmaster Mark ! Recently we were contacted by a local conservation group who desperately needs a website. They are short on cash and technology and wondered if we could offer assistance. We contacted Mark who offered to build them a site at no charge. Thanks Mark for your help in making gun people look better!

Guess that's it for now! Let me say also that I'm less then happy with the way this email appears! Seems Windows 10 just might have been created by Rod Serling and using it can put the user in the Twilight Zone!
Thanks for reading and take care!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

For additional info and to sign up for NE courses contact Dan @ 322-2045 or go to:

Northeast Firearms Training

→ Pistol Permit Recertification:
As you may have heard NYS Pistol Permits will have to be updated! Both Bob Mergen and George Hillje have sent in these links to make that task a tad easier:

Online Recertification
(Downloadable Paper Version)
(Downloadable Paper Continuation Sheet (PPB-2A))
Recertification Frequently Asked Questions
Check Recertification Status

→ NYS Encon: Does it seem that those folks down at Encon are forever changing hunting and fishing regulations and not telling you about it? Well if it does you're not alone! For that reason George Hillje has sent the below link! If you follow it and fill out the requested info ENCON will send you weekly updates as to what's going on which will not only make you informed but also admired for your knowledge by those in the hunting and fishing communities!

New York State

→ With a little help from our Friends: Thanks go out to Tom Batsios,John Thomas and Jule Kovacs for their work in sealing up our Pistol Shed!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

♣ Your Club Dues At Work ♣

Old Glory

Berm Build

New Berm

Pistol Range

Rocky's Ridge

Reverse Berm



♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


About a hundred years or so ago a group of people decided the location we're now in would be a great place to build a shooting range! As members we should be thankful for all their efforts and hard work as we still enjoy their choice today! On the other side of the coin many of us would like to ask them WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? DIDN'T YOU NOTICE THAT MOST RANGES ARE BUILT AT THE BASE OF HILLS AS OPPOSED TO THE TOP? Well that said we now have to live with it! Living with that means we have to pay out money for material to create man made impact areas and berms! It also means we have rules that are probably unique to this Club! Rules that help to insure that fired projectiles don't land on a neighbors property! According to NRA Range Management such an event as that could easily close us down! So here's a list of Our Clubs Rules! We ask you to read them and also show them to any guest you might bring BEFORE that guest uses any of the ranges! We also remind you that rules not covered here are covered in The Proclamation or Standing Rules Of Order located in the back of your copy of The Bylaws! Now after reading all those damn rules make some time to come out to your Club and look around! From where we are located on a clear day you can see the Helderbergs, Taconics, Grafton and even The Green Mountains! As the Sun goes down you'll see one of the nicest sunsets this area has to offer. Given these things maybe we can see how our founders were swayed by this location!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣** ♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Homeland Security

circa 1886

Apache Chief Geronimo

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣** ♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


→ ID Badges must be worn when using any range!

→ Please refer to the top of this page for Guest Policy Guidelines!

→ Rifle Range Rules ♣

1. Alcohol is not allowed on any shooting range.

2. Minors under 17 must have adult supervision when shooting.

3. Hearing and vision protection must be worn on ranges.

4. Firearms must point down range when on the shooting bench.

5. Guns must be unloaded with actions open and no one is to handle any firearm when targets are posted or retrieved.

6. Paper targets only.

7. Post targets on designated stands: Bench and target frame must have same number(no cross shooting) Posted targets must fit within the boundaries of the frame.

8. Do not place targets on frames.

9. no BMG.

10. Slugs only for shotguns on Rifle Range. No shot of any type.

11. Rapid/reckless (machinegun style ) fire is prohibited.

12. Ranges are closed during monthly meetings.

13. Sunday Shooting after 9am.

14. Work proceeding on or near a range(mowing etc.) precludes shooting on that range.

15. Pick up brass and hulls. Live ammo must not be left behind and it must be disposed of off of Club grounds.

16. All ranges are closed at sunset.

17. Rifle range targets are designed for firing from the sitting position at a bench! no standing ,kneeling or sitting position shooting allowed.

18. All shooting is to be done from inside the rifle range structure.

19. Hunting type pistols are allowed. NO compact carry style.

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣** ♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


1. NYS Law. No one is allowed to handle or fire a hand gun without a Pistol Permit.

2. Safety is first. If it looks like fun, don't do it. In an emergency Dial 911 and tell them to respond to 420 Dater Hill Rd Brunswick, NY Send someone to Dater Hill Rd to direct emergency personnel.

3. Eye and ear protection is required.

4. No more than seven (7) people on line at one time.

5. Keep guns facing in a safe direction with fingers off the trigger until ready to fire.

6. When anyone is down by the targets, all guns will be out of shooters hand, empty and the actions open.

7. Shooters that are between lean-to and targets have right away. No shooting around other shooters.

8. Shoot only paper targets. Shooting the frames only adds work for club members.

9. Follow a cease fire order. From anyone.

10. Make sure you are shooting into the berm. We are responsible for all projectiles that leave the property.

11. Clean up when you are done. Take empties, targets and empty boxes. Leave the range better than when you came.

12. This is your club. Have some responsibility and pride.

13. All rapid/reckless machine gun style fire is prohibited.

14. No Sunday shooting before 9am

15. Range closes at sunset.

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣** ♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Tactical Shotgun Range Rules ♣

1. Paper targets only placed within boundaries of wooden frame.

2. No Slugs. Shot shells only

3. When done remove target, pick up empties and dispose of off Club property.

4. Make sure Rifle Range is clear before using this area!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣** ♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Skeet/Trap Range Rules ♣

1. Use # 7.5 to # 9 shot shells in low base only.

2. Do not move machines.

3. Pick up empties and dispose of off Club grounds.

4. Make Rifle Range users aware of your presence before using this area

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣** ♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ And furthermore I'm including these safety rules: ♣

bullseye Ten Commandments of Gun Safety

  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction

  • Don't rely on your gun's safety

  • Firearms should be unloaded when not actually in use

  • Be sure of your target and what's beyond it

  • If your gun fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, handle with care

  • Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting

  • Use proper ammunition

  • Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before shooting

  • Don't alter or modify your gun and have it serviced regularly

  • Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of the firearm you are using
bullseye More Safety Rules:
    The only exception to this occurs when one has a weapon in his hands and he has personally unloaded it for checking. As soon as he puts it down, Rule one applies again.

    You may not wish to destroy it, but you must be clear in your mind that you are quite ready to if you let that muzzle cover the target. To allow a firearm to point at another human being is a deadly threat, and should always be treated as such.

    This we call the Golden Rule because its violation is responsible for about 80 percent of the firearms disasters we read about.

    You never shoot at anything until you have positively identified it. You never fire at a shadow, or a sound, or a suspected presence. You shoot only when you know absolutely what you are shooting at and what is beyond it.

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ And Speaking of Rules let us not forget this one ♣

Taconic Beef Jerky Rule:
It's been over five years since we last sighted a sasquatch at our Club! The reason for this is we outlawed the presence of beef jerky on our property! Now as you can plainly see from this image taken by one of our security cameras the damn things are back! Probably because someone brought a bag in and forgot to take it with them! Please remember no beef jerky means no stinking Big Foot!


♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ I have to shorten this page!
All previous posts and info are on the archive page.


♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ From 2016 ♣


Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club Eagle Mills NY hunting fishing shooting outings

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


There ain't no fish here: Well that may be the case! This link sent in by George Hillje will at least tell you where they were though!

New York State Freshwater Fishing Records - NYS DEC

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

A little help from our friends: I forgot last month to say thanks to Robyn Wilkes for all her hard work during the years she was our Clubs Secretary! So thank you Robyn! Now on another positive note Robyn has agreed to stay on as a consultant! We thank her for this too! Her expertise is a very valuable asset!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

~Doc ♣

E-Mail Doc

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Our Club Today ♣

Old Glory







Rockys Ridge




♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Report from Range Officers and Board Members on potential changes that would help to make club safer!

Vote to reimburse the "Accreditation Fee" paid to the NRA by our Range Officers!

Updates on both Rifle and Pistol Range improvements!


Range Safety Officers: On July 25th ten of our own fellow members successfully completed this very long course! We're pleased to announce the following are now NRA certified Range Safety Officers:
Jay Wilkes
Tom Batsios
Mark Caruso
Ken Kaskoun
Kevin Busch
Paul Quinn
Lorraine Litten
Nick Calordino
George Fradenburg
Walt Johntson

Stinkin' Badges: Please remember that all Club members must wear their i.d. badge when using any of the Clubs ranges! Don't forget that a vote by your fellow members decided that no badge on the range means no shoot!

With a little help from our friends: thanks go out to Carlos Correa,Doug Doyle,Nick Calordino and Neil Brown for their generous donation of goods to be used in our Club Raffle! Also to our friend,Joe Quintel, who frequently rescues us when mechanical disasters strike!

With a little help from our friends: Thanks go out to the following people! Their efforts have helped make our Club better for all of us:

Robyn and Jay Wilkes for designing and paying for the copying of our 2016 Picnic Poster!

Neil Brown for his generous donation of the youth model .22 rifle!

Tracy Church for locating and getting us an outstanding rate on the vibratory roller that was essential in our road project!


♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣

Taconic Items for Sale:

Tee Shirts: Black with orange lettering! Sizes small,medium,no large,ex large,2x,3x and 4x! Normally $3349.00
clearance priced at 15.00 each!

Ladies Tee Shirts pink with black lettering! One medium! Normally $33000.00
clearance priced at $15.00!

Taconic decals: Normally two for $99.00 now clearance priced at $4.00 each!

Taconic 1927 Tin Badge Replicas: Normally $5800 each now $5.00!

NRA : Please don't forget we are an Official NRA Recruitment Center! We can sign up new members
(for as little as 10 bucks) or renew existing ones!
If interested contact George @ 421-9635 or Doc@ 469-8584 !

Doing business with like minded people: Here's some info on fellow members and the services they supply! If you'd like we can add you next month! Just email us a short note with your particulars and we'll send it out in June!

Plumbing and heating: Paul D'Angelo! Paul can be reached at 488-4869.

Building and managing websites: Dylan Macleod. Stonehenge Associates Network Administrator. Dylan can be reached at 518-727-8356

Check out a few of his sites:

Engineering and Solar: Cris Schrader owns Seed Engineering and Solar, which provide civil and environmental engineering services and the installation of solar PV systems. The website is
and Cris can be reached at or 253-6851.
Also, Cris will be donating $500 to the club for any member that installs a solar PV system.
Thank you Chris for that generous offer!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

From April

Thank You to: Kevin Taylor. Kevin donated a nice shadow box containing a repro 1873 Winchester! it now hangs in our Clubhouse!

Some Info sent in by Bob Mergen:


Some more sent in by Mark Caruso:


Like Minded People: We'd like to put a list together of members and what type of business they're in! The idea would be that if you needed a service this list would provide you with a source and also insure that your money is being given to a person or company that supports your interest! If you'd like to be listed drop an email with your particulars! Every month we'll make that list available in our Newsletter! So that said here's our first entry: Joe Quintel! Joe repaired our plow truck on the coldest snowiest night possible! When it comes to mechanical repairs,welding or large and small engines Joe walks on water! You can reach him at: 817-6406

Also for March:
Discussion on possible purchase of Video Security System for Ranges!

Progress Report on Rifle Range Baffle System!

Discussion on allowing new members to bring guests!

New Location for Tactical Shotgun!

Enlarging the Pistol Range!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

25 yard Target is missed: at the January meeting a member mentioned how much more difficult it was to sight in his rifle at 50 as opposed to 25 yards! After the meeting several members of the Board came up with the idea of obtaining a lazar bore sighter for Club use! This has been done and that piece of equipment, donated by Neil Brown the largest dealer of fine firearms in Poestenkill, is available on Sundays or by appointment! Hopefully this will make things a bit easier for all concerned!

Pledge of Allegiance! A member recently donated an American Flag to be displayed in our Clubhouse! His only request was that we consider starting each meeting with The Pledge of Allegiance! If there aren't any opposed to this maybe we can start doing this in February!

New Members and Guests: Very often new members share their new club with friends! Since new members tend to be more frequent users for their first few weeks this could mean and has meant that the two new guys show up and bring four friends! What that could mean is you arrive at your normal time and you may have a difficult time getting on the firing line! So the question is do we leave things as are! Or do we change the guest policy a tad for new members? Maybe say that for the first three months new members aren't allowed a shooting guest? Or perhaps they're allowed only one bench? Well that's all in your hands now and you'll let us know how you feel about it in February!

Pistol Range, circa 1983! We really need to take a hard look at this area! It was originally set up in the 80's and built to accommodate a club that only had 75 members! Today our membership more then triples that amount! Now also figure in this range is the most heavily used of all of our ranges! Add to that the fact that the NRA tells us that the comfort level for any shooter is about 6 feet! In other words 2 feet to his or her right and left! That figured it means we can only accommodate 2.5 pistol users at one time! That's assuming we have a .5 person too! Given these things it's more then apparent this range isn't adequate and it's time to start planning on making some much needed changes soon! Maybe it doesn't have to be from soup to nuts! Maybe just widening it and deepening a bit? Maybe Add a tad more berm on the left of impact? A few more feet of berm on left and right? Maybe some drainage for the person that doesn't enjoy shooting in ankle deep water or mud? Maybe the old building doesn't have to come down? Given all these maybes maybe if we can all compromise a bit a more accomodating pistol range could be ours by Summer!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Rifle Range Use: it was reported that a member and two of his guests were firing standing off hand on the rifle range! They were firing at the 50 yard target and their bullets were impacting at about 75 yards! Another shooter corrected them but when told the policy the standing member said he was unfamiliar with it! Maybe we need to send out hard copies to everyone? Add another rule sign ? Or just toss out an offender or two? So for those who missed it here goes again!

1) Paper targets only! No other types are allowed! These paper targets are to be placed inside the boundaries of the wood frames! The reason for this is so that your projectiles will pass through the 2'x2' openings and impact the berm at 100yds! If placed in any other fashion the bullet could strike the ground and skip over the berm or miss the berm entirely!

2) Benches are numbered. So when shooting from one make sure your firing at the same numbered target!

3) All shooting on the Rifle Range is to be done from a bench! Never step outside the shack and in front of benches to shoot!

4) All shooting is to be done sitting and from a bench! The heighth of targets is configured that way! If a shooter stands to fire this will cause the bullet to strike low, before the berm and possibly skip over the top!

5) Handgun use on Rifle Range is allowed but the same rules as above apply! Also we ask all members to use common sense when doing so! In other words please use pistols capable of hitting at least the 50yd target! We recommend hunting type handguns for this! If you're wishing to use a compact carry handgun here it's not advisable! It's best that you stick to the regular pistol range!

6) those shooting 200yds should check with shotgunners before placing or checking targets if that range is in use!

7) If others are on the line communicate with them! Be aware of what they're doing and make them aware of what you're doing!

Skeet Range Rules Revisited! Please keep in mind that shot carries a good distance! #9's will travel close to 300yds when fired at the right angle! For that reason we specify shotshells used be of low base type releasing either 8's or9's!

Using these will insure that pellets stay on our property! also make sure that when firing your shotgun it's aimed straight ahead! Again this insures pellets stay on our property and don't end up on Farmer Browns field where they're ingested by Bossy the cow who next Spring gives birth to a two headed calf who's faces look remarkably similar to Feinstein and Cuomo (which is an absolute indication of lead poisoning and guess who'll be blamed for that!) !If others are on the line communicate with them! Be aware of what they're doing and make them aware of what you're doing! One final also if rifle range is in use please check with shooters there to make sure no one will be approaching the 200yd target!

Archery Range: No broadheads! No apples to be shot of anyone's head unless release form is filled out entirely! Even then apples must be larger then 3 inches!

Pistol Range: paper targets only stapled to 2'x2' backers! No cans ,bottles etc.If others are on the line communicate with them! Be aware of what they're doing and make them aware of what you're doing! Please don't dawdle when it's apparent other shooters wish to use the range!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Maybe I'll vote and then again maybe I won't: Well you might feel a bit different about that after you read the info on the below link! Seems our beloved governor, who's currently in Afghanistan probably trying to pitch the Taliban on how much better off they'd be if insurgents had only 7 round clips, has even better plans for us! Thanks to both Bob Mergen and Kevin Taylor for sending us info on this!

Safe Act Part 2 - scopevoter

After reading the above we hope you chose to vote at least once. We also hope that you'll consider joining one or both of the below if you haven't already:

NEW YORK STATE RIFLE AND PISTOL ASSOCIATION: We now have applications on hand! They can be picked up at the Clubhouse or mailed to you! Contact Doc if interested!

NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION: you can join for as little as 10 dollars a year.If interested contact George or Doc and we'll get the paperwork to you!

Unwanted Waste Material(garbage): Please remember we don't have any refuse pick up.So if you bring anything with you please remember it also leaves with you!

Don't forget all ranges will be closed Saturday October 4th for our Hunter Safety Course!


♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

~Should The Club Pay for a Full Time Zumba Instructor?

→ Hats off time: We all should offer our own Don Miller and big pat on the back. While off duty from his job at the Sheriffs Dept Don made one hell of an apprehension. According to the Newspapers and local TV it looked like something out of a movie too. Seems Don did a flying tackle to take a rapidly fleeing perpetrator down. Jeezas that had to be something to see. That said Congratulations Don and thank you too!

→ Rumor Dept: Once again this month we're going to confirm or deny some rumors that have been floating around the Club!

--- Rumor One: That Pat Rinaldi was once a member of a famous Rock Band! Answer: Yes.He was the drummer for Santana.He left shortly after Woodstock to start his own janitorial company!

--- Rumor Two: That Fred Job played Eddie Haskell on The Leave It To Beaver Show! Answer: Yes and Moe Barbera was The Beaver!

--- Rumor Three: That Doc designed the M-16! Answer: No! He has been known to drink a lot of MD-20-20 though!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

From previous months:

→ Rehashing of Basic Range Rules: We have added 50 new members since last September first. For that reason we'd like to remind all of existing rules!

→ Rifle Range: Please read rules before using. Not mentioned the use of pistols on rifle range is permitted. Pistol shooters must shoot only at existing target distances and at targets placed on existing wooden frames.

→ Skeet Range: Shotguns only loaded with shot from #'s 4 to 9 0nly. No buck or slugs of any type. Magnums are not needed or recomended!

→ Pistol Range: First 8' on left side facing. This open area is for the use of shotguns. Holders for cardboard targets are placed there. Please do not use any area other then those 8'. Pistol Range right hand side: Pistols only. Please place your target only on the 2'x2' plywood!

→ NRA: Given what's happened recently we have to advise all members if they're not currently a member of this organization they need to be. We can arrange this for you.
Contact George @ 421-9635 or Doc @ 469-8584 for info.

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Rumors: In any organization it seems you have rumors. We feel if some of these go unaddressed damage can occur. So we've decided to address three that are currently in circulation around our Club!

1) I've heard that you guys invited Andrew Cuomo to our Founders Day Picnic! If you've heard that it's true. He won't be attending though. It seems he refuses to attend dressed as a piñata as we asked!

2) I've heard that Doc was once the Manager of The Supremes! The answer to that is False. He never was. He did come to a Christmas Party a few years ago dressed as Diana Ross though.Heck he even belted out a pretty darn good version of Stop In The Name Of Love!

3) I've heard that Henry Rifle is actually going to be engraved "Fred Job. Worlds Best Gun Club President and Firefighter Extraordinaire" This we've heard too. So we went to Fred and asked him. His Answer was FALSE. That inscription will never be marked on any firearm. It will though ne inscribed on a bronze bust of himself he will unveil at the August Picnic!

→ A Little Help from Our friends: Thanks go to:
Steve Merriman.Ara Shahanian and Scott Favreau for their generous Donations!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


♣ E-Mail Doc ♣

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


→ NO 50 cal bmg
rounds are to be used on any ranges!

targets are for .22 rifle only!

a count of three is required between each round.This is not new.Its been a rule here for 20 years!!!!

only on any range.They must be placed so they

is located on the pistol range. It is the first 8 feet only!


We have no garbage disposal. So if you bring it make sure its with you when you leave!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Keeping with my policy of never deleting anything, I will post all previous info to the archive page.


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→ A Message from George Hillje our NRA Recruiter:

As you may be aware The NRA is the champion of the gun owner and a guardian of the second amendment! What that means is a very important part of you joining the NRA is you actually take a hand in the defense of your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. What many of our newer members may not be aware of is This Club is a fully authorized Recruitment Center for The NRA.That means you can join and or renew your membership through us.Even better news is that if you originally joined or even renewed through us before we can do the same for you again with us doing all the work! That's right.No forms to fill out. No dates to remember. No dotted lines to sign. We will notify you appx one month in advance of your next renewal. All's you then have to do is send your check made out to The NRA to us here.If your address has changed simply include the info listed below and send it to the Club at 420 Dater Hill Road Troy NY 12180! Or drop it off in person. If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime at 421-9635.

Listed below are prices on the various types of membership. With any of them you will receive:

Choice of one of three free magazines!

$5000.00 accidental death and dismemberment coverage at no cost!

$2500 firearms Loss Insurance at no cost!

Life Members receive $10,000 worth of insurance at no cost!

Law Enforcement Officers joining the NRA receive $25,000 worth of insurance at no cost!

Associate Membership: One year $10.00(note no magazine with this one)

Full One Year Membership with choice of one of three magazines:$25.00!

Full Two year Membership with choice of one of three magazines: $60.00!

Full Three Year Membership with choice of one of three magazines: $70.00!

Full Five Year Membership with choice of one of three magazines: $100.00

Life Membership with choice of one of three magazines: $750.00

Junior: $15.00! Subscription to Insights Magazine!

If you'd like to sign up here's all will need to get things going!

NAME: First,last and middle!





MAGAZINE PREFERENCE! American Hunter! American Rifleman! American Freedom!

A Check made out to the NRA for the amount that covers the type of membership you want!

Place in envolope and mail to: Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club 420 Dater Hill Road Troy NY 12180

It's as easy as that.Take advantage of The Taconic Valley RGC Recruiting Service! If you do you'll help yourself,The NRA and Your Club.You'll also become one of six million Americans who are saying we want our Second Amendment Rights Upheld!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Doug Doyle has sent this! If you fish the Hudson there's some good news for you!
→ DEC NY Permits

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Imagine yourself working at a job where almost everyday you and your coworkers risked life and limb to save lives and property! Then one day you're in a situation where you go far beyond what's even expected of that norm!So far beyond that even your coworkers are amazed! They're so amazed by your actions they decide you should receive an award! Guess that something you did would have to be dammed spectacular! Well that was the case last year for Troy Firefighter and our very own Ray Littlejohn! Ray was in situation where a person was trapped on the third floor of a burning building and there was no way out for him! Not until Ray decided to do something anyway! Ray risked his life and brought that man out of the 3rd floor window! Saving his life! For his actions his fellow firefighters nominated him for and he received the 2012 Maltese Cross Award! We'd like to congratulate Ray for his bravery! we're proud to say he's one of us too!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Speaking of people who help this Club I have to mention Al Chabot! For over 20 years Al has been committed to making this organization a better one! We thank Al for all of those efforts! in recognition of his commitment The Board of Directors has decided to make Al an Honorary Lifetime Member! Thank you Al!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Pat Rinaldi! No matter when or what you can count on Pat to be there and do whats got to be done! Thank you Pat!

→ Those of us who carry might want to read this piece sent in by fellow Jack Borden! It offers some very good advice! Thanks Jack!

→ read-before-you-decide-carry

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


U S Navy Seals

Job Well Done,
Thank You Very Much.


♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Our Mailing Address:

♣ Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club ♣
420 Dater Hill Road
Troy New York 12180

E-Mail Doc

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Rockys Range ♥ And let us all remember those we shall not see here again: Rocky Harris, Isabelle Seales, Joel Konieczny---R.I.P.

♥ Sadly our long time Treasurer Rocky Harris passed away in early May! Needless to say he will be missed! His excellent work as our Treasurer will be hard to duplicate! Still we must try! elected by a majority vote at our May Meeting as Rocky's replacement was Doc McGarry. Filling the Board Position vacated by him was Dan Hartnett.

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣* *♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣** ♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣** ♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

The Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club was incorporated in 1927!
It was in existence for many years before that though. In fact Teddy Roosevelt was a regular competitor on our grounds when he was New York City Police Commissioner from 1895 to 1897. In short this makes our club some where around 111 years old! Quite an accomplishment and something we as members should all take pride in and celebrate.
Doc Mc G.

Get action. Seize the moment.
Man was never intended to become an oyster.
~~Theodore Roosevelt - The Bullmoose

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Flag St. Patrick

Apostle of Ireland
Born at Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, in Scotland, in the year 387;
Died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland, 17 March, 461.

I came to the Irish people to preach the Gospel and endure the taunts of unbelievers, putting up with reproaches about my earthly pilgrimage, suffering many persecutions, even bondage, and losing my birthright of freedom for the benefit of others.

The Lord hath given to me, though humble, the power of working miracles among a barbarous people, such as are not recorded to have been worked by the great Apostles. But I beseech you, let no one believe that for these or the like works I am to be at all equaled with the Apostles, or with any perfect man, since I am humble, and a sinner, and worthy only to be despised.

The Shield of St. Patrick

St. Patrick's Confession

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Some pictures here courtesy of Mike R.
Thanks Mike

2 deer
Two Deer




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New York State
Department of Environmental Conservation

New York State Senate

New York State Assembly

New York’s 56th, The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo

United States Congress

United States Senate

The White House

Library of Congress

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Welcome lady

Welcome to the Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club!

compasOriginally incorporated in 1927, the Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club is located off Dater Hill Road in the hamlet of Eagle Mills, Town of Brunswick, Rensselaer County New York. The club property boasts rifle ranges of 50, 100 and 200 yards with covered firing line, 50 foot pistol range with covered firing line, informal trap and archery ranges, and Clubhouse and picnic area. Small by comparison to many other fish and game clubs, this allows for a more close knit group able to respond to the needs of our membership and facilities.rossi 44Few organized shoots are scheduled by the Club. Rather, groups of members will meet for various activities on the Club grounds centered on the shooting sports. Shooting the bull in the Clubhouse is popular on Sunday afternoons!

Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month at 11:00 am in the Tom Parker Memorial Clubhouse. Work parties are held occasionally, usually announced at the meetings, in the quarterly newsletter, or on this website. A cookout is held on the club grounds during August, and a holiday party is held.

In order to join, prospective members should complete a membership application and submit it with an application fee during a regular club meeting, or on any Sunday afternoon when at least 4 Board members are present. Annual dues are required.

Club dues have remained low for several years now, due in large part to the efforts of your officers and board members who never spend a dollar if we don't have to. Please pay your dues promptly.

~~ Doug


Taconic Valley Rod & Gun Club

420 Dater Hill Road, Postenkill, NY 12180