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Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

~~ John F. Kennedy

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night
to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

~~ George Orwell

It's Tommy this, an Tommy that,
an 'chuck 'im out, the brute!'
But it's 'Savior of 'is Country,'
When the guns begin to shoot.

~~ Rudyard Kipling



♣ Taconic Valley ♣
Rod and Gun Club
420 Dater Hill Road
Troy New York 12180


Special Thanks to our friends who helped out with Club Business;

Thanks to our friend at Dater Hill Kennel.


A very big thanks to our friends at Kennedy's Garage.

Kennedy's Garage
271 3rd St, Troy, NY
(518) 272-3881

Special thanks to member Bob N. He was kind enough to bring in his equipment to dig the trench from the Club House to the septic tank at no charge. Please keep him in mind if you need any of this type of work!
George's Auto Sales
741 Pawling Avenue
Troy, NY 12180
Office: (518) 286-1857
Cell: (518) 368-1284


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Taconic Valley

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Eagle Mills, New York

It is not down on any map; true places never are.
~~Herman Melville


♣ Next Meeting: March 8th, 2pm ♣


March 17
St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland,
born at Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, in Scotland, in the year 387;
died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland, 17 March, 493.


Next Meeting: Sunday March 8th 2pm - Snow Date

Items proposed for the next meeting agenda:

Thanks to the members who've contacted us about the porch roof collapsing!
We are aware of it and are taking steps to stabilize and temporarily repair the damage!

Admission of new members!

Catch Up with some of the items from the cancelled February Meeting!

Items from Last Meeting: None!

Stinkin' Badges: We remind everyone that badges must be worn when shooting on any range! The only possible exception to this would be our Treasurer! Last week he managed to get his entangled in the side view mirror of our plow truck and almost hung himself! Thankfully the Eagle Mills VFD was able to cut him free! Unfortunately he was deprived of a crucial amount of oxygen during this time! So please don't pay any attention to him if he tries to talk you into voting for Nixon in November! While on the subject of badges please note that our newbie members will be sporting yellow ones! When you see someone wearing one of those please do your best to keep him or her on the right path!

Thank You to: Kevin Taylor. Kevin donated a nice shadow box containing a repro 1873 Winchester! it now hangs in our Clubhouse!

Some Info sent in by Bob Mergen:


Some more sent in by Mark Caruso:


Like Minded People: We'd like to put a list together of members and what type of business they're in! The idea would be that if you needed a service this list would provide you with a source and also insure that your money is being given to a person or company that supports your interest! If you'd like to be listed drop an email with your particulars! Every month we'll make that list available in our Newsletter! So that said here's our first entry: Joe Quintel! Joe repaired our plow truck on the coldest snowiest night possible! When it comes to mechanical repairs,welding or large and small engines Joe walks on water! You can reach him at: 817-6406

Also for March:
Discussion on possible purchase of Video Security System for Ranges!

Progress Report on Rifle Range Baffle System!

Discussion on allowing new members to bring guests!

New Location for Tactical Shotgun!

Enlarging the Pistol Range!

From Last Meeting: late fee for dues paid after December 31st.Voted on and approved a $20.00 late fee for any member paying dues after December 31st 2015!

2015 Budget: Approved with the bulk of our disposable income targeted for range maintenance and improvement!

Range Plans for 2015: Discussed were ways of making ranges safer and less likely to send spent projectiles off grounds! Voted on and approved was the purchase of The NRA's Range Manual to help in these efforts!

Creation of Mandatory Indoctrination Program for New Members: discussion explained how future members will be informed in more depth about the use of each particular range, safety procedures and what exactly it means to be a member of a Club!

Shut down of Tactical Shotgun Area! After repeated abuse of the Pistol Range by shotgunners the majority of members in attendance voted to stop the use of shotguns on the Pistol Range!

Onward: New Members: As of this writing we're still tabulating how many new members will be allowed in for the 2015 year! Depending on the amount they may be brought in over a two month period! The reason for this being new members tend to use the facilities very often for the first few weeks! While this is an admirable trait it often means a tad more congestion on the firing line. Especially on weekends! So hopefully this tactic will work as well this year as it has in the past and our more senior members will get the range time they're accustomed to!

Tactical Shotgun: As mentioned above that area has been shut down! While it solves the problem for the pistol range it now creates a new one! Tactical shotgunners,the overwhelming majority of who've followed the rules and paid their dues just like the rest of us, now have no place to pursue their interest at our Club! As six or so have already pointed out they're being punished for the sins of probably one! Doesn't seem right does it? So maybe we should make it right! Some how or way before the next meeting ends we really need to find an area for this activity to take place! Tactical Shotgunners take note: You need to attend this meeting!

Smoking During Meeting: A few members have requested that we put a ban on smoking during our monthly meeting! Given the fact that at least one member left our last meeting because of the foggy conditions perhaps it's time we did this! Please bring your opinion and Nicorettes to the February 8th meeting!

One Versus Two! Several members at the January meeting questioned the need to send two letters to those who haven't paid! Aside from the fact it's a long standing tradition it also complies with our bylaws! Section 60 under Disciplinary Actions demands the second! Article 5 section 3b the first! As much as we all would like to save time and stamps the practice will have to continue until these bylaws are changed or amended!

25 yard Target is missed: at the January meeting a member mentioned how much more difficult it was to sight in his rifle at 50 as opposed to 25 yards! After the meeting several members of the Board came up with the idea of obtaining a lazar bore sighter for Club use! This has been done and that piece of equipment, donated by Neil Brown the largest dealer of fine firearms in Poestenkill, is available on Sundays or by appointment! Hopefully this will make things a bit easier for all concerned!

Pledge of Allegiance! A member recently donated an American Flag to be displayed in our Clubhouse! His only request was that we consider starting each meeting with The Pledge of Allegiance! If there aren't any opposed to this maybe we can start doing this in February!

New Members and Guests: Very often new members share their new club with friends! Since new members tend to be more frequent users for their first few weeks this could mean and has meant that the two new guys show up and bring four friends! What that could mean is you arrive at your normal time and you may have a difficult time getting on the firing line! So the question is do we leave things as are! Or do we change the guest policy a tad for new members? Maybe say that for the first three months new members aren't allowed a shooting guest? Or perhaps they're allowed only one bench? Well that's all in your hands now and you'll let us know how you feel about it in February!

Pistol Range, circa 1983! We really need to take a hard look at this area! It was originally set up in the 80's and built to accommodate a club that only had 75 members! Today our membership more then triples that amount! Now also figure in this range is the most heavily used of all of our ranges! Add to that the fact that the NRA tells us that the comfort level for any shooter is about 6 feet! In other words 2 feet to his or her right and left! That figured it means we can only accommodate 2.5 pistol users at one time! That's assuming we have a .5 person too! Given these things it's more then apparent this range isn't adequate and it's time to start planning on making some much needed changes soon! Maybe it doesn't have to be from soup to nuts! Maybe just widening it and deepening a bit? Maybe Add a tad more berm on the left of impact? A few more feet of berm on left and right? Maybe some drainage for the person that doesn't enjoy shooting in ankle deep water or mud? Maybe the old building doesn't have to come down? Given all these maybes maybe if we can all compromise a bit a more accomodating pistol range could be ours by Summer!

Rifle Range Use: it was reported that a member and two of his guests were firing standing off hand on the rifle range! They were firing at the 50 yard target and their bullets were impacting at about 75 yards! Another shooter corrected them but when told the policy the standing member said he was unfamiliar with it! Maybe we need to send out hard copies to everyone? Add another rule sign ? Or just toss out an offender or two? So for those who missed it here goes again!

1) Paper targets only! No other types are allowed! These paper targets are to be placed inside the boundaries of the wood frames! The reason for this is so that your projectiles will pass through the 2'x2' openings and impact the berm at 100yds! If placed in any other fashion the bullet could strike the ground and skip over the berm or miss the berm entirely!

2) Benches are numbered. So when shooting from one make sure your firing at the same numbered target!

3) All shooting on the Rifle Range is to be done from a bench! Never step outside the shack and in front of benches to shoot!

4) All shooting is to be done sitting and from a bench! The heighth of targets is configured that way! If a shooter stands to fire this will cause the bullet to strike low, before the berm and possibly skip over the top!

5) Handgun use on Rifle Range is allowed but the same rules as above apply! Also we ask all members to use common sense when doing so! In other words please use pistols capable of hitting at least the 50yd target! We recommend hunting type handguns for this! If you're wishing to use a compact carry handgun here it's not advisable! It's best that you stick to the regular pistol range!

6) those shooting 200yds should check with shotgunners before placing or checking targets if that range is in use!

7) If others are on the line communicate with them! Be aware of what they're doing and make them aware of what you're doing!

Skeet Range Rules Revisited! Please keep in mind that shot carries a good distance! #9's will travel close to 300yds when fired at the right angle! For that reason we specify shotshells used be of low base type releasing either 8's or9's!

Using these will insure that pellets stay on our property! also make sure that when firing your shotgun it's aimed straight ahead! Again this insures pellets stay on our property and don't end up on Farmer Browns field where they're ingested by Bossy the cow who next Spring gives birth to a two headed calf who's faces look remarkably similar to Feinstein and Cuomo (which is an absolute indication of lead poisoning and guess who'll be blamed for that!) !If others are on the line communicate with them! Be aware of what they're doing and make them aware of what you're doing! One final also if rifle range is in use please check with shooters there to make sure no one will be approaching the 200yd target!

Archery Range: No broadheads! No apples to be shot of anyone's head unless release form is filled out entirely! Even then apples must be larger then 3 inches!

Pistol Range: paper targets only stapled to 2'x2' backers! No cans ,bottles etc.If others are on the line communicate with them! Be aware of what they're doing and make them aware of what you're doing! Please don't dawdle when it's apparent other shooters wish to use the range!

Projects of the Month: A strap is needed to secure the gutter downspout on the back of the Clubhouse!

Replacement 2'x2's are located on the decrepit porch of the Ladies Auxiliary! A cordless screw driver and screws are in the Clubhouse!

Snow: This last week of the month has been a challenge ! We've had a few small powdery snowfalls that haven't seemed like much from an accumulation point of view! Unfortunately the powdery types cause more havoc then any other! Seems that lighter snow then blows from west to east and then collects on our driveway! In just the past four days this area and other parts of our club have been plowed out 8 times! Please know we're doing our best to keep the club open and available!

Thanks go out to: Neil Brown for his donation of a bore sighter! To Frank Spallane for his assistance in helping to keep the snow drifts at bay!

Thankfully that's it for now! Sorry to all who know and practice the rules for the repeats! Hopefully those who don't read them!!

A late fee for dues paid after December 31st.

Discussion on 2015 budget!

Range Plans for 2015!

Creation of Mandatory Indoctrination Program for New Members!

Possible shut down of tactical shotgun area!

Christmas Party: It appears that went well! Over 75 people were fed,6000 rounds of .22 ammo dispersed and a couple of dozen nice gifts given out! Add to that the Club ended up making enough money to pay our National Grid bill for a year makes it sure seem to indicate a success! All that didn't happen without the efforts of quite a few! Those folks definitely deserve a mention! So here goes: Moe Barbera and Family for cooking that fabulous turkey,ham and all the trimmings! Tom Batsios for his generous donation of all the pizza! The Bornt, Spillane,Patton and Rinaldi Families for their food donations! Doc for bringing a partial bag of Cheetos! Mark Yamin,Chris Huff and Ryan Oppelt for their donation of prizes! Mark Caruso,Wayne Burch and Neil Brown for their combined work on procuring and legally dispersing .22 ammo for our auction! Tony Dethomasis,Paul Quinn and Kevin Taylor for reaching deeply into their wallets and buying that ammo! Robyn and Jay Wilkes for their host/hostess ticket sales and poster work! Last but not least Frank Spillane for sanding and salting our road and parking lot! I'm sorry to say I know more helped and donated but with all the commotion we didn't get to see the who and what! To these folk we also give a big thanks!

Dues: Thanks go out to the majority of our members for their timely payment of dues! Unfortunately there are still a few that haven't! If you're one of those please send your check for $ 80.00 to: Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club! 420 Dater Hill Road,Troy New York! If you don't wish to stay a member please respond to this email with "I withdraw"! This will allow you to reenter at a future date(current backlog appx 2 years)! Please keep in mind that you may have to go on a waiting list to do that! Also as of January 1st those who have not paid their dues are not allowed to use the Club or any of it's facilities! Sorry but insurance prohibits this! Reminder: those who haven't yet paid now have until January 31st to do so.If payment is not received by then you will,as per our bylaws,be expelled! Expelled members are never again allowed admittance nor are they allowed on the property! In closing on this subject we want to add we don't want to lose anyone because of a monetary problem! So if that's the case please contact us. It's possible that something (with the approval of our members) could be worked out and your name would not have to be mentioned!

Tactical Shotgun Use:! For some time now combat shotgun users have been allowed to use the open portion of the pistol range! For the most part this has worked out acceptably! In the past few months on four occasions this hasn't been the case! A shotgun user or users has decimated the 2'x2' backer boards and the 2'x4' ers that support them leaving behind several hundred empty hulls and an area that looks like an explosion at a saw mill! These actions are ,shall we say,irking our pistol shooters! We've done our best to sign that range to indicate its proper use but it seems to go unread! So at the next meeting we're going to have to decide what to do next quickly! Let's face it,our handgun shooters shouldn't have to tolerate this type of behavior!

Ranges: In the last seven years we've made some significant improvements to our ranges! In particular the rifle range! The additions of berms and trying to maintain their heights and impact areas have definitely been steps in the right directions! The question now is what can be done to improve them even more? What can we add that will make them safer and help to insure that spent projectiles stay on our property and open up the possibility of adding other then shooting paper targets to our menu?! The answer to those questions might be baffles! We'd like to discuss this at the next meeting!

Mandatory Indoctrination Program For New Members: As per our bylaws we give every new member an introductory tour of our club! The focus always has been on range use and safety! While that's obviously good its just not good enough! We're currently working on a program that would involve a class where all new members would be educated not only in depth about the use of our ranges but also the importance in maintaining them and the rest of the facility! This class will be launched in March as our new folks arrive! So if you have any ideas as to what else should be touched on please bring them to our January meeting!

Laser Engraved Taconic Crate!! Quite a few members have asked who did the engraving on Ryan Oppelts Taconic Gift Crate! Ryan has supplied us with that info so you can check it out!: Blue Turtle Design Design Works:!


Pistol Permit Recertification:: Fellow member Bob Mergen has sent in this link that you might wish to read:

According to scope - the pilot counties will be Albany, Schenectady, and Fulton.


Bob also sent us a link on the 700 Remington Recall! Unfortunately that link seems to have gone sour! That said if you own one of these rifles it might be in your best interest to look into it!

Well guess that's it for now! So In closing Thanks for reading! May you and yours have a prosperous and safe 2015

Please be advised that as of 1/11/15 The Tactical Shotgun Area located on The Pistol Range has been shut down! This decision is based on a majority vote held at the regular monthly meeting this date! Members unhappy with this decision are invited to state their displeasure or present an alternate plan ,such as relocation of that area, at the next meeting on Sunday February 8th at 2pm! All members are also reminded that The Rifle Range is absolutely off limits to any shotgun firing shot! Slugs only are allowed!

Thanks to all in advance for their cooperation!

December 14th:
As tradition has it there'll be no Club Meeting in December! Instead on Sunday December the 14th we'll set that time aside so that we can have a small get together to celebrate The Holiday Season! The festivities will start at 2pm! Under the guidance of Chef Moe Barbera The Club will be serving roast turkey! Spiraled ham and of course all the trimmings! There'll also be finger foods and some of Giuseppe's famous pizza! If you feel like bringing along a confection for after dinner or even a home made item please feel free to do so! Remember this is a free event for all members and their immediate family! We do though ask if you're going to attend please email back and tell us how many in your party so that we can make the proper preparations! We don't have to water down the jello again like we did last year!

Christmas Raffle:The list of prizes continues to grow as we get closer to December 14th and The Christmas Party! As it stands right now we have close to 3000 rounds of hard to find .22 rimfire! We also have Gift Certificates! One for Verdiles Restaurant in Troy! Also fellow member Chris Huff, who's also owner of Advanced Orthotics and Prosthetics, donated two coupons each for a free pair of custom arch supports! (I spoke to one of Chris's customers about these.He told me because they're custom fitted they're incredibly comfortable! They're also worth upwards of $350.00) We also have a nice Cabalas knife and a custom shooters gift basket put together by Ryan Oppelt and his wife.Oops I almost forgot to mention even more .22 ammo thanks to Mark Yamin! So if you haven't bought tickets you should! They're priced at $5.00 each or three for $10.00! Winners need not be present to win!

Dues: Another reminder! All member's dues expire on December 31st! So if you intend on staying a member please mail a check for $80.00 to the Club before then! If you don't intend on staying a member please simply respond to this email with "I withdraw". Withdrawing will allow you to reenter at a future time! Failing to withdraw will warrant an expulsion! Expelled members are never allowed back in again as per our bylaws! Please keep in mind if you do withdraw and then decide to reenter down the road you start at the back of the waiting list!

This could be us: I'm including a couple of links you should click on! What they will show are the stories of two Gun Clubs that were accused of sending projectiles off their property! Keep in mind that in both cases it hadn't yet been proven! Given that look at what they've had to do!



Good News: It appears Fall has brought back with it a lot of shooters! Use at both the rifle and pistol range seems to be up sharply! The bad news is the 2'x2' backing boards are getting shot up much quicker then before! That's not the problem though! Getting them replaced in a timelier fashion is! So in an effort to change this we're going to do the following: Precut and leave on the porch of the Ladies Auxiliary Building a stack of 2'x2' pieces! Then leave inside the Clubhouse a cordless drill! With these items range users will be able to repair targets themselves! Hopefully this effort will help keep the ranges ready for use by all! Ok! Before some of our older members email me I do remember what happened the last time we left a cordless drill out! I have to remind them though that the person or persons responsible for screwing the picnic tables to the plow truck are older and more mature now! So it's very unlikely it will happen again!

that's it for now!

Hope to see all at our Christmas Party! Oh and drop in at and say hello to Mark

Next Meeting: Sunday November 9th at 2pm!

Items on that agenda:
Updates on Rifle Range Berm!
Information update on Clubs 911 Status!
Possible discussion on enhancing Pistol Range, other areas or no areas in 2015! Discussion On Mandatory Work Program!
Preparation for Christmas Party!

From Last Meeting:

1. Eagle Mills Fire Dept requested a donation of $100. Motion was made, seconded and passed to give the donation.

2. Rensselaer County dispatcher was noti?ed of the location of the Gun Club There was a problem with location on an emergency call.

3. Discussion was held (in length) on new requirements for new members. Suggestions included higher dues, and volunteer work hours.

4. Discussion on increasing the number of members in the club and increasing the dues for all members.

5. Suggestion was made to have all users of the ranges sign in. This would give the club some information on how the ranges were used.

6. Motion was made to set up a committee ,co-chaired by Brian Baker and Jim Sleicher, on adopting a volunteer work schedule. Their task is to set up minimal hours required and method of implementation!

Now Other Stuff:From November

Christmas Party: Will be held Sunday December 14th starting at 2pm! As always this will be a free event with food being furnished by The Club! This year we'll be serving, with the trimmings, roast turkey and spiraled ham! Of course we can't leave out pizza too! Something new for this year also! Seems that our two Chefs at large,Moe Barbera and Tom Batsios, will collaborate on roasting a lamb donated by Tom, outdoors over a spit! Sounds both interesting and tasty! So please bring yourself and immediate family! It should be fun!

Christmas Raffle: We intend on having 15 or more items for this drawing! As of right now we have: Several thousand rounds of hard to find .22 ammo! A $50 gift certificate to Verdiles Italian Restaurant in Troy and a very nice knife and combo tool from Cabalas! We will be adding onto this list more items as time gets closer to December 14th! Tickets will be: $5.00 each or 3 for @$10.00! This will be a Members Only Raffle and the winners need not be in attendance! Want tickets? Call Doc @469-8584 or send an email here!

Dues! All membership dues expire on 12/31/14! As per our bylaws(section 9 paragraph 1 for those of you who think I just make this stuff up) the Board Of Directors has elected to bring a slight increase to our 2015 dues. This means they will rise by $5.00. This makes our new yearly fee $80.00! Please send checks or money order for that amount to :Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club.420 Dater Hill Road Troy New York 12180 by December 31st! Keep in mind that members who have not paid by that time will not allowed the use of the facilities!

Initiation Fee: As per the same above section of our bylaws Initiation Fee for 2015 will be $50.00!

Hunter Safety Course: Back on October 3rd and 4th Instructors Kevin Bush and Mark Caruso put on a very successful Class! We really need to thank those two guys for doing a great job! Especially after dealing with some of the curves life tossed at them prior to the Class! Also to be thanked for assistance are: Ken Kaskoun! Charlie Testo and Dan Place! Those guys managed to standby ready to help for two days! Of course we can't forget Mr Brown! He was kind enough to loan three shotguns for the live fire aspect of the Class!

Improvements for 2015: As our Club New Year approaches we're trying to make some plans for improvements for the upcoming year! One of the ideas kicked around has been our Pistol Range! Another The Shotgun Range! As most of us know both of these areas ,aside for some light maintenance, haven't been updated in years because we didn't have the money needed to do so! That's now changed! Thanks to the hard work and support of our membership we will be in a financial position this new year to do something! Or if you prefer...nothing! Please come to the next meeting and let us know what you think! Your opinion really is needed!

Shotgun use on Pistol Range! A reminder Shotguns firing shot only are to be used on the open portion of the pistol range! this is mentioned again because several times in the past few weeks some inquisitive individual needed to know what happens to plywood when it's hit with #8's from 7 yards with a shotgun!

Firearms Recall list: Fellow member Dan Place has set up a recall list in a bound book at our Club! Dan tells us he'll update this when he learns of any new or old firearms or ammo problems! He also encourages fellow members to leave such information in this book if they hear of any problem!

With a little help from our friends Dept. We all need to thank Carlos Correa for his recent cash donation! Carlos apparently forgot to return his August raffle tickets and felt obligated to make up for that! It should be said his donation far exceeded the ticket value too! Also Walt Johnston! Walt, who's often harassed by our Treasurer for his frugality, donated a utility trailer a few months ago! When he found out we couldn't use it he arranged for it's sale then donated the money to us! Wish we had more like these two guys!

Rumors: We've all probably heard there's going to be another indoor range opening in the future! This makes two! Now to adding one more to the potential pile is the rumor that the largest firearms dealer in Poestenkill is now considering a similar move! According to the gossip channel he's now working with a well known distributor and looking at locations! Hmmm! Does this mean that outdoor ranges like ours will soon go the way of the dinosaur,honest politcians and K-mart? Guess time will tell!

A few items that were lost recently! If you have them or know who does please call Doc @ 469-8584 ! Thank You

Men's Jacket: Left in Clubhouse Monday October 27th!

Deerskin covered sandbag(sentimental value): Left on rifle range appx one month ago!

One Item Found: Ring in Clubhouse, today!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

From October
Progress report on Rifle Range Berm Repair!

Discussion on enlarging Pistol Range!

Possible change in criteria for new members!

From Last Meeting: Use of pistols on Rifle Range suspended pending results of investigation by several members of the

Board of Directors!(suspension lifted see accompanying info)

25yd small bore target temporarily removed from Rifle Range and relocated to Pistol Range for 15yd use!

Results of Annual Election of Officers!

President: Jay Wilkes!

Vice President: The Honorable Tom Batsios!

Secretary: Robyn Wilkes.

Treasurer,beating out Bernie Madoff by only one vote,Doc McGarry!

Board: Pat Rinaldi!

Update on Rifle Range Rules:

1) Paper targets only! No other types are allowed! These paper targets are to be placed inside the boundaries of the wood frames! The reason for this is so that your projectiles will pass through the 2'x2' openings and impact the berm at 100yds! If placed in any other fashion the bullet could strike the ground and skip over the berm or miss the berm entirely!

2) Benches are numbered. So when shooting from one make sure your firing at the same numbered target!

3) All shooting on the Rifle Range is to be done from a bench! Never step outside the shack and in front of benches to shoot!

4) All shooting is to be done sitting and from a bench! The heighth of targets is configured that way! If a shooter stands to fire this will cause the bullet to strike low, before the berm and possibly skip over the top!

5) Handgun use on Rifle Range is allowed but the same rules as above apply! Also we ask all members to use common sense when doing so! In other words please use pistols capable of hitting at least the 50yd target! We recommend hunting type handguns for this! If you're wishing to use a compact carry handgun here it's not advisable! It's best that you stick to the regular pistol range!

Please follow these basic rules! For those who won't a reminder. Not following them is grounds for expulsion!

Phase 1 Of Rifle Range Berm work was completed! Thanks to the following members for their help pushing dirt and slinging shovels:

Jay Wilkes!

Robyn Wilkes!

Jim Sleicher!

Anthony Deththomas!

Bob Bornt!

Pat Rinaldi!

Ken Kaskoun!

Neal Brown!

Walt Johnston!

Doc McGarry (who claims to have been there but no one saw him)

Special thanks also to Mohamed Zamani for dirtying up his brand new truck to make an absolutely essential delivery to us!

Cool Heads Prevail: Early this past Spring we had an incident on our Pistol Range! It seems one of our members suffered a severe medical emergency! Fortunately this happened when another shooter was present. That member kept his composure, lent assistance to the stricken shooter,dialed 911 and walked down to Dater Hill Road to meet Emergency Personal and guide them back up to our fallen member! Thanks go out to Brian Baker for being that cool headed person! A sidebar on this was that the 911 people had no idea where our Club was. We've since contacted them to make that info clear! We also advise members to remember the Clubs address.In case you don't have it handy it's 420 Dater Hill Road Troy NY 12180. Oh,forgot to mention the good news.Our stricken pistolero was back shooting within a few weeks.

Maybe I'll vote and then again maybe I won't: Well you might feel a bit different about that after you read the info on the below link! Seems our beloved governor, who's currently in Afghanistan probably trying to pitch the Taliban on how much better off they'd be if insurgents had only 7 round clips, has even better plans for us! Thanks to both Bob Mergen and Kevin Taylor for sending us info on this!

Safe Act Part 2 - scopevoter

After reading the above we hope you chose to vote at least once .We also hope that you'll consider joining one or both of the below if you haven't already:

NEW YORK STATE RIFLE AND PISTOL ASSOCIATION: We now have applications on hand! They can be picked up at the Clubhouse or mailed to you! Contact Doc if interested!

NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION: you can join for as little as 10 dollars a year.If interested contact George or Doc and we'll get the paperwork to you!

Unwanted Waste Material(garbage): Please remember we don't have any refuse pick up.So if you bring anything with you please remember it also leaves with you!

Don't forget all ranges will be closed Saturday October 4th for our Hunter Safety Course!

That's it for now! Doc

E-Mail Doc

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Updates On Berm Rebuild! Vote for Honorary Membership!

From Last Meeting: Ken Kaskoun was appointed by President Wilkes to go over the treasurers books!

Raising Of Membership: Tabled pending more study!

Doc McGarry was also appointed by the President as Temporary Parliamentarian!

Members Only Raffle Winner! Tony Oppelt was the winner of the Henry .22 rifle! Congratulations to Tony on that and we hope he enjoys that gorgeous rifle! Thanks to all who supported this raffle too! We made enough to pay for our well and road problems this Spring which is good news! That means we won't have to remove funds from our savings to cover the unbudgeted expenses!

Picnic: In all we were very lucky to have such a perfect day for it! I didn't count attendees but those who did told me we had well over 80 people show up! Judging from the amount of food we went through it appears they were pretty hungry too!

Swap Meet! Seemed to go well! Like anything this being our first time out it wasn't perfect! Next year though, with the help of Dan Place, we'll make some improvements based on this years experience and Dans observations and we promise it will be even better!

Rifle Range Side Berm and Pistol Range Berm was completed by Ron Showers in August! The increased heights hopefully will insure projectiles don't stray off of our property!

Rifle Range Impact Berm: We've gathered material and are poised to start but Mom Nature hasn't been cooperative! As of Saturday 8/30 the ground is still far to soft to put on any of the equipment needed! So wait we must!

Entrance Road: Thanks to Tracy Church,Frank Spillane,Tony Oppelt,Walt Johnston,Mark Caruso and Ken Dippel our entrance road was repaired! Looks like these guys did a heck of a job too seeing it's held up to several heavy deluges! I'd also like to take the time to deny the rumor that says I was hiding in Rays cornfield when this work was being done! The simple truth is I became disoriented from the heat ,wandered in there and just became .......lost! Or something like that!

Honorary Membership: As mentioned above we'd like to award that position to someone who's unfortunately very ill! This person is a life long friend of one of our members! it seems one of this persons strongest desires is to be able to target shoot as long as failing health allows! We'd like to help them with this.If you feel the same way please attend the September Meeting and vote accordingly!

Hunter Safety Class: Will take place Friday October 3rd from 6 to 9 pm! Saturday from 8:15 to 5pm! Registration for this class: WILL NOT be handled at Club level as in previous years! Potential Students must sign up at DEC's website when class is posted late in day on Thursday September 4th! Potential students are advised that this class will occur both inside and out.So please dress accordingly! Lunch will be provided by our Club on Saturday! Please also be aware that because of insurance regulations we must shut our range down on Saturday October 4th! Any questions write here or call 469-8584 !

In closing: We'd like to say thanks to Tracy Church! Tracy,who's famous for loving to wear is ID badge, generously donated two truck loads of crushed stone for our road repair! He also donated the use of a vibrating pounder that packed the stone down like concrete! Even better then that he wouldn't let any of us use that machine.Probably because he knew we'd all end up in the Emergency Room! This all said thank you Tracy!

Speaking of thanks we have to say that to Ken Kaskoun, Pat Rinaldi and Moe Barbera.They did an outstanding job preparing food at the picnic! Also Jim Davin for bringing himself and 40 lbs of salad! Boy was that potato salad outstanding! Thanks also to our Mr Brown for.....well truth is he's got his hands into so much it's hard to pick one! Lets just say Mr Brown thank you for all you do!

One final Thanks! This one for Mark Caruso! Seems Mark knows a guy who can fix anything in life! I'm not kidding! If you think I am tell Mark your problem and he'll pull his phone out and in no time he'll hook you up with that guy! Such was the case when our standby Hunter Safety Instructor Guy said he couldn't hold a class this year! Well I mentioned it to Mark and sure enough he knew this guy and ....well that our class this year!

Now I'll say thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!



→ Discussion on Rifle Berm Rebuild!

→ Wiring repair for Ladies Auxiliary Building!

→ Discussion on possibility of having .22 r/f rifle Metallic Silhouette shoots!

→ Possible creation of a Facebook Page for our Club!

Purchase of Olympic size swimming pool postponed till all Life Members agree to become certified lifeguards!

→ Opening of Taconic Valley Rod Gun Casino Resort Aquatic Park Convenient Store and Trailer Park postponed pending zoning board approval!

→ August 17th Members Only Rifle Raffle: Tickets are available! They're priced at $5.00 ea or 3 for $10.00! They can be picked up at the Club most Thursdays and Sundays! Or if that doesn't work for you call 469-8584 or write us here and we'll arrange to get some to you! First prize will be a Henry Heritage .22 lever rifle! Runner up prizes(and this list will grow as we get closer to the drawing date) are as follows! 500 rounds of Federal .22 l.r. 525 rounds of Remington .22 l.r. hp's! One Years Dues for Taconic Rifle Rod and Gun Club!

→ Swap Meet/Flea Market! Sunday August 17th! Members and members family members are invited to bring any type of item that day for swap or sale! Items can also include firearms and ammo! An FFL holder ,Mr. Neal Brown, will be on hand to make sure all Federal ,State, local and intergalactic laws are observed! For all who just have one or so items they'd like to get rid of The Club will also have a table! Donated items can be dropped of there!

→ Annual Picnic: Will also take place Sunday August 17th! As always this is a free event to all members and their immediate family! The Club will be serving real hamburgers ,chicken and soft drinks! If anyone would like to bring an additional food item it's definitely encouraged!

→ Carry In/Carry out! Thanks to all members who've made an effort to not leave their trash behind! After the first month of the start of our busier season the grounds are looking remarkably clean! We all hope it stays that way too!

→ NRA: A reminder we're an authorized membership station for the NRA! If you wish to join, renew or upgrade we can handle it for you! Questions? Just write us here!

→ New York State Rifle and Pistol Association! We have applications to join if interested(and you should be).

→ With a little help from our friends: Thanks go out to Bob Dore for his tractor expertise and advice! John Rubino for his emergency repair of our pump house wiring! Mark Jolicoeur for his donation of wood! And last but not least Tom Madsen for cleaning up our metal mess!

→ A fond Farewell! We've learned that Glen Hammond will be leaving our Club in July! Seems he and his family are moving back to Arizona! While we can't say we blame him for that we will say that we'll all miss him! Glenn was a heck of an asset to our Club! We all wish him and his family the best and hope he knows he's welcome back any time he's in town!


→ From May

→ Discussion about repairs and architecturally correct historic restoration of our pump house! (in other words lets bang some nails into it quick before it falls down)

→ Relocation or repair of Club Sign at entrance!

→ Discussion on filling out application to turn Club into a casino!

→ From Last Meeting: It was reported that an anonymous donor had made a number of telephone poles available to the Club for its berm work!

→ Meeting times: were temporarily changed by majority vote! Please be advised that for May, June, July and August start time will be 11am! (please note also May meeting rescheduled to third Sunday in observance of Mothers Day)

→ Disposition of Ford plow truck: Approved by majority vote!

→ Well: Just prior to the monthly meeting it was learned that our well was not operating! By majority vote it was decided to have repaired!

→ Oh well! As mentioned above we experienced loss of water from the well! After attempts to solve problem by fellow members failed we had to bring in a professional! The end result was replacement of our 40 year old pump! Hopefully this will be the end of any water problems for another 40 years!

→ Reminder on Range Use! NO SHOTSHELLS ON RIFLE RANGE!


→ Guests: Please remember you are responsible for your guests behavior! That said have them read our Range Rules before using any of our ranges! "I didn't know" will no longer be taken as an excuse for violations!

→ Garbage: We've mentioned before we don't have a waste removal service! That means if you bring it with you make sure you take it home! This includes cans,bottles,coffee cups old targets and empty shells! Oh ,and umbrellas too! Someone actually left a broken one on the range! We don't want to threaten anyone! The fact is most of our fellow members are going the extra mile on this! The very few who aren't and won't though may want to consider looking for another Club to join!

→ Stinkin' Badges: Please remember they must be worn when using any Range!

→ Club Clean Up! Is scheduled for Sunday May 18th following the monthly meeting! Please do your best to help out!

→ Taconic Valley Rod Gun and Gambling Casino! As we mentioned earlier we intend on applying to become a Casino! We've filled out all the needed paperwork but have lost our backer on the million dollar application fee! Seems our money man,Neil Brown,had the funds buried where his wife planted her new rose bushes .He now won't be able to make a "withdrawal" till Fall! So if there's anyone else interested please contact us!

→ Dues! Another reminder that every members dues will expire on December 31st!
That means it's time to send in your check for $75.00. Our mailing address is: 420 Dater Hill Road Troy Ny 12180. If you feel you don't want to stay on as a member please send a brief note saying so. This could allow you to enter at a future time. It will also stop you from being expelled in February as per our bylaws!

→ New Members! We are currently accepting applications for membership.
admittance by new members is contingent on availability of membership positions.

→ Sign in Sign Out!
At the November meeting a compromise was reached on this issue! What was voted on and approved was the wearing of neck badges that hold our Club membership card! These are to be worn when using any of the ranges.
As members pay their dues we're giving out these badge and lanyards set ups free! If you've paid yours and haven't received one yet( they arrived just prior to Thanksgiving) give a shout. We can either mail you one or they can be picked up at the Clubhouse most Thursdays and Sundays.

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~Continued discussion on Sign In for Range Use!

~Should The Club Pay for a Full Time Zumba Instructor?

→ NYS SAFE LAW: I can't speak for you but I'm not feeling any safer since this law was "passed". I am feeling a lot more confused though about what may be legal and what may not! I'm sure I'm not alone on this too! Fortunately for us Glen Hammond who's a fellow member and local attorney has offered to help us out.On March 10th,following our meeting,Glen will give a presentation on the law followed by a question and answer period. Thanks Glen.

~Announcement from the front: ~NY Supreme Court Considers SAFE Act Injunction ♣

This just in at TTAG command central:
Good News. The New York Supreme Court has stated that they will issue an injunction against the new SAFE Act on April 29th-unless the state can prove that the law is constitutional. This puts the burden of proof on the state of New York to show the Act is legal under the newly re-affirmed provisions of the Second Amendment, which is impossible. From WKTV . . .
The Buffalo-based attorney who is spear-heading a lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent gun laws said that Wednesday was "monumental," as a State Supreme Court Justice issued an order requiring New York State to show good cause that the law is constitutional. New York State has until April 29 to respond or else an injunction will be issued.

Bear in mind that the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that firearms "in common usage" cannot be restricted. And since the NY SAFE Act's entire purpose is to restrict ownership of the single most popular firearm in the United States, there's no way they can make a case that their law complies with the Second Amendment. If this injunction is upheld, then it opens the door for New Yorkers to challenge the standing "assault weapons" ban and other gun laws as well.

NY Supreme Court Considers SAFE Act Injunction ♣

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ OOPS! I made a mistake! Last month after the regular meeting I was approached by several members who had a question about our bylaws rules on expulsion. In particular the one that mentions Conservation violations. I said the rule stated "convicted" on said type of charge. I was wrong. Investigation has shown me that even being charged would cause a violating member to be expelled. Farther investigation also showed that this type of violation does not just include hunting or fishing related charges. It also includes things like illegal dumping! Interesting and I stand corrected!

→ Hats off time: We all should offer our own Don Miller and big pat on the back. While off duty from his job at the Sheriffs Dept Don made one hell of an apprehension. According to the Newspapers and local TV it looked like something out of a movie too. Seems Don did a flying tackle to take a rapidly fleeing perpetrator down. Jeezas that had to be something to see. That said Congratulations Don and thank you too!

→ Rumor Dept: Once again this month we're going to confirm or deny some rumors that have been floating around the Club!

--- Rumor One: That Pat Rinaldi was once a member of a famous Rock Band! Answer: Yes.He was the drummer for Santana.He left shortly after Woodstock to start his own janitorial company!

--- Rumor Two: That Fred Job played Eddie Haskell on The Leave It To Beaver Show! Answer: Yes and Moe Barbera was The Beaver!

--- Rumor Three: That Doc designed the M-16! Answer: No! He has been known to drink a lot of MD-20-20 though!

~Doc ♣

E-Mail Doc

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From previous months:

→ Dues: Are past due. If you intend on staying a member you must pay. If you'd like to withdraw and rejoin latter you can.Simply respond to this email saying "I withdraw if thats your choice you'll need to possibly go on the waiting list! . Whatever your choice please act quickly.

→ Rehashing of Basic Range Rules: We have added 50 new members since last September first. For that reason we'd like to remind all of existing rules!

→ Rifle Range: Please read rules before using. Not mentioned the use of pistols on rifle range is permitted. Pistol shooters must shoot only at existing target distances and at targets placed on existing wooden frames.

→ Skeet Range: Shotguns only loaded with shot from #'s 4 to 9 0nly. No buck or slugs of any type. Magnums are not needed or recomended!

→ Pistol Range: First 8' on left side facing. This open area is for the use of shotguns. Holders for cardboard targets are placed there. Please do not use any area other then those 8'. Pistol Range right hand side: Pistols only. Please place your target only on the 2'x2' plywood!

→ NRA: Given what's happened recently we have to advise all members if they're not currently a member of this organization they need to be. We can arrange this for you.
Contact George @ 421-9635 or Doc @ 469-8584 for info.

→ Rumors: In any organization it seems you have rumors. We feel if some of these go unaddressed damage can occur. So we've decided to address three that are currently in circulation around our Club!

1) I've heard that you guys invited Andrew Cuomo to our Founders Day Picnic! If you've heard that it's true. He won't be attending though. It seems he refuses to attend dressed as a piñata as we asked!

2) I've heard that Doc was once the Manager of The Supremes! The answer to that is False. He never was. He did come to a Christmas Party a few years ago dressed as Diana Ross though.Heck he even belted out a pretty darn good version of Stop In The Name Of Love!

3) I've heard that Henry Rifle is actually going to be engraved "Fred Job. Worlds Best Gun Club President and Firefighter Extraordinaire" This we've heard too. So we went to Fred and asked him. His Answer was FALSE. That inscription will never be marked on any firearm. It will though ne inscribed on a bronze bust of himself he will unveil at the August Picnic!

→ A Little Help from Our friends: Thanks go to:
Steve Merriman.Ara Shahanian and Scott Favreau for their generous Donations!


♣ E-Mail Doc ♣

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→ NO 50 cal bmg
rounds are to be used on any ranges!

targets are for .22 rifle only!

a count of three is required between each round.This is not new.Its been a rule here for 20 years!!!!

only on any range.They must be placed so they

is located on the pistol range. It is the first 8 feet only!


We have no garbage disposal. So if you bring it make sure its with you when you leave!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

I will post all previous info to the archive page.


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→ A Message from George Hillje our NRA Recruiter:

As you may be aware The NRA is the champion of the gun owner and a guardian of the second amendment! What that means is a very important part of you joining the NRA is you actually take a hand in the defense of your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. What many of our newer members may not be aware of is This Club is a fully authorized Recruitment Center for The NRA.That means you can join and or renew your membership through us.Even better news is that if you originally joined or even renewed through us before we can do the same for you again with us doing all the work! That's right.No forms to fill out. No dates to remember. No dotted lines to sign. We will notify you appx one month in advance of your next renewal. All's you then have to do is send your check made out to The NRA to us here.If your address has changed simply include the info listed below and send it to the Club at 420 Dater Hill Road Troy NY 12180! Or drop it off in person. If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime at 421-9635.

Listed below are prices on the various types of membership. With any of them you will receive:

Choice of one of three free magazines!

$5000.00 accidental death and dismemberment coverage at no cost!

$2500 firearms Loss Insurance at no cost!

Life Members receive $10,000 worth of insurance at no cost!

Law Enforcement Officers joining the NRA receive $25,000 worth of insurance at no cost!

Associate Membership: One year $10.00(note no magazine with this one)

Full One Year Membership with choice of one of three magazines:$25.00!

Full Two year Membership with choice of one of three magazines: $60.00!

Full Three Year Membership with choice of one of three magazines: $70.00!

Full Five Year Membership with choice of one of three magazines: $100.00

Life Membership with choice of one of three magazines: $750.00

Junior: $15.00! Subscription to Insights Magazine!

If you'd like to sign up here's all will need to get things going!

NAME: First,last and middle!





MAGAZINE PREFERENCE! American Hunter! American Rifleman! American Freedom!

A Check made out to the NRA for the amount that covers the type of membership you want!

Place in envolope and mail to: Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club 420 Dater Hill Road Troy NY 12180

It's as easy as that.Take advantage of The Taconic Valley RGC Recruiting Service! If you do you'll help yourself,The NRA and Your Club.You'll also become one of six million Americans who are saying we want our Second Amendment Rights Upheld!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

vote decided that this Club will stay with present NRA approved Insurance Carrier for our shooting only liability! This means we will have no hunting insurance coverage! It was decided that if there are enough interested parties we will obtain that coverage at a future date!

2'x2' cardboard pieces have been cut and placed at the shooting point on the Rifle Range. All members are asked to use these as backing material on target frames. It's hoped that by doing this frames will last longer and projectiles hit the burm as the design was intended!

All of the machines have been rebuilt.If any fail to operate please do not attempt to fix. Instead contact President Job ,who being a graduate of The Trius Online Skeet Machine Repair University, will make the appropriate repair

Looks as if this area is getting a lot of use. We do ask all users though to place their targets so pellets not strike the guide wire. Also there is a limited supply of cardboard available for target backing material in the Clubhouse.Feel free to use it. A reminder to all members.Please clean up all empties and used targets on all ranges!

→ Shotgun: It's become very difficult for our members to figure where shotguns can be used according to Club Policy! So here's a breakdown we hope is helpful!

→ Shotguns on Rifle Range: Solid projectile(slug) only! NO SHOT!!!!!

→ Clay Bird Range: Shot only! Sizes #6 to #8 fired out of low based type shells!

→ So Called Combat Shotgun Range: This is the 8 FOOT OPEN AREA FRAMED WITH YELLOW PAINT located at the Pistol Range! In this area any size shot can be used but NO SLUGS! For this area Clips have been attached to the guide wire where you can hang your targets! PLEASE DO NOT HANG TARGETS ON PLYWOOD!

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS DEPT: We're very fortunate to have a lot of great members! The names I'm mentioning now are for the folks who have gone way above and beyond this month in helping to make this Club a better one! John Livolsi! Freeman Loyner and Bill Weaver! I'm sure I don't speak alone when I say thank you for what you've done!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Doug Doyle has sent this! If you fish the Hudson there's some good news for you!
→ DEC NY Permits

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Imagine yourself working at a job where almost everyday you and your coworkers risked life and limb to save lives and property! Then one day you're in a situation where you go far beyond what's even expected of that norm!So far beyond that even your coworkers are amazed! They're so amazed by your actions they decide you should receive an award! Guess that something you did would have to be dammed spectacular! Well that was the case last year for Troy Firefighter and our very own Ray Littlejohn! Ray was in situation where a person was trapped on the third floor of a burning building and there was no way out for him! Not until Ray decided to do something anyway! Ray risked his life and brought that man out of the 3rd floor window! Saving his life! For his actions his fellow firefighters nominated him for and he received the 2012 Maltese Cross Award! We'd like to congratulate Ray for his bravery! we're proud to say he's one of us too!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Speaking of people who help this Club I have to mention Al Chabot! For over 20 years Al has been committed to making this organization a better one! We thank Al for all of those efforts! in recognition of his commitment The Board of Directors has decided to make Al an Honorary Lifetime Member! Thank you Al!

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ Pat Rinaldi! No matter when or what you can count on Pat to be there and do whats got to be done! Thank you Pat!

→ Those of us who carry might want to read this piece sent in by fellow Jack Borden! It offers some very good advice! Thanks Jack!

→ read-before-you-decide-carry

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Rockys Ridge

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣


U S Navy Seals

Job Well Done,
Thank You Very Much.


♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Our Mailing Address:

♣ Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club ♣
420 Dater Hill Road
Troy New York 12180

E-Mail Doc

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

Rockys Range ♥ And let us all remember those we shall not see here again: Rocky Harris, Isabelle Seales, Joel Konieczny---R.I.P.

♥ Sadly our long time Treasurer Rocky Harris passed away in early May! Needless to say he will be missed! His excellent work as our Treasurer will be hard to duplicate! Still we must try! elected by a majority vote at our May Meeting as Rocky's replacement was Doc McGarry. Filling the Board Position vacated by him was Dan Hartnett.

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

→ USMC Corporal Jake S. wearing his Taconic T and holding his M-16 40 miles west of Baghdad!

Cpl. JS

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

The Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club was incorporated in 1927!
It was in existence for many years before that though. In fact Teddy Roosevelt was a regular competitor on our grounds when he was New York City Police Commissioner from 1895 to 1897. In short this makes our club some where around 111 years old! Quite an accomplishment and something we as members should all take pride in and celebrate.
Doc Mc G.

Get action. Seize the moment.
Man was never intended to become an oyster.
~~Theodore Roosevelt - The Bullmoose

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣
Flag St. Patrick

♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣
Some pictures here courtesy of Mike R.
Thanks Mike

2 deer
Two Deer




♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣ **♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣**♣

New York State
Department of Environmental Conservation

New York State Senate

New York State Assembly

New York’s 56th, The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo

United States Congress

United States Senate

The White House

Library of Congress

Welcome lady

Welcome to the Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club!

compasOriginally incorporated in 1927, the Taconic Valley Rod and Gun Club is located off Dater Hill Road in the hamlet of Eagle Mills, Town of Brunswick, Rensselaer County New York. The club property boasts rifle ranges of 50, 100 and 200 yards with covered firing line, 50 foot pistol range with covered firing line, informal trap and archery ranges, and Clubhouse and picnic area. Small by comparison to many other fish and game clubs, this allows for a more close knit group able to respond to the needs of our membership and facilities.rossi 44Few organized shoots are scheduled by the Club. Rather, groups of members will meet for various activities on the Club grounds centered on the shooting sports. Shooting the bull in the Clubhouse is popular on Sunday afternoons!

Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm in the Tom Parker Memorial Clubhouse. Work parties are held occasionally, usually announced at the meetings, in the quarterly newsletter, or on this website. A cookout is held on the club grounds during August, and a holiday party is held.

Total membership ranges between 70 and 100 members. In order to join, prospective members should complete a membership application and submit it with an application fee during a regular club meeting, or on any Sunday afternoon when at least 4 Board members are present. Annual dues are required.

Club dues have remained low for several years now, due in large part to the efforts of your officers and board members who never spend a dollar if we don't have to. Please pay your dues promptly.

~~ Doug


Taconic Valley Rod & Gun Club

420 Dater Hill Road, Postenkill, NY 12180